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Nine56 was founded in 2016 with the idea that our wardrobes should be a starting point for wellness and that the best things are the simple things. 

Our obsession is giving women tools that facilitate their best lives. 

At Nine56 we see our clothing as a tool that should actually serve us and help us accomplish all of our big and little goals!  That is why all Nine56 pieces are designed to fit into a minimalist wardrobe and are made in the midwest from natural materials.


Our capsule collection is made up of 6 pieces that redefine loungewear by being oh-so lounge worthy while also presenting you like the boss you are!  

This collection incorporates comfort elements like soft, natural fabrics, plenty of ease over body, and comfy closures (hello elastic waistbands).  While also incorporating professional elements like tailored silhouettes, details for better fit (thank you bust darts), and a sophisticated color palette.

The capsule will be available for pre-sale on Kickstarter September 27th.

Click the links below for downloadable versions of our product photos.


               THOMAS JACKET                              THOMAS JACKET

                 DARSI MIDI                                           DARSI MIDI

                JOSEPH V-NECK                               JOSEPH V-NECK 

                 DAVID PANT                                          DAVID PANT 

                DIANE TUNIC                                    DIANE TUNIC

                ANNA MOCK-NECK                          ANNA MOCK-NECK