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We launch all of our new styles via pre-sales on our online shop.

This means that we only move into production with styles that we know you’ll love and will serve your lifestyle.  By having our customer’s crowd fund our products, we are able to reduce waste from creating extra inventory and we can offer 20% off each style purchased via pre-sales!  We call that a win, win, win :)

Here’s how it works:

4 new releases for 2019: April, May, August, and October, launching at the beginning of the month.

Campaigns run for 4 weeks in which you can pre-order our new release and receive 20% off your purchase!  If the campaign is fully funded, we’ll move into production.  If not, all purchases are refunded and we try again with the next style.

When the campaign is fully funded, you’ll get an email with our estimated shipping date.  We expect shipping dates to be 6-8 weeks out from the completion of a campaign. (And don’t worry, we’ve timed our launches so that when your garment arrives, it’ll be seasonally appropriate and ready to rock!)

By participating in our pre-sales campaigns, you get to help bring Nine56 styles to life.  Not to mention that you’ll be locking in pre-sale discounts of 20% or more.  And there’s always a chance that products sell out in the pre-sales period, so by joining a campaign you’re able to guarantee you’ll get your size.

It’s important to note that you’re card will be charged at time of checkout and there is always the chance that a style won’t get funded.  If that’s the case, you will always be refunded immediately once the campaign is over.  We’d love to say that styles always reach their funding goals, but we’re not going to sugar coat things here.  This is the first year we are trying this model and we aren’t sure how it’ll go.  In this exciting season of being a young brand, we need women who believe in us and want to come along on our journey!