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Meet Meg

Hi there, I'm Meg Rohs and this is Nine56 Studio, a Sustainable Women's Loungewear Brand. 

I'm a small town mama, loungewear enthusiast, and total homebody. 

We make loungewear for work-from-home mamas, dream builders, and homebodies who do a heck of a lot more than just lounge in their loungewear. 

When I started working from home, I believed the lie that just because no one would see me, it didn't matter how I was showing up for my days working from home.

This had a detrimental effect on the quality of my work, my productivity, and my self-worth.  As I grew into the role of a work-from-home mama, it became even more important for me to invest in my work-from-home wardrobe and how I was showing up for the most important moments of my life (aka time spent building a healthy lifestyle, bonding with my baby and hubby, and working on this business).

I knew that other women who had a lifestyle centered around their home shared my need for great loungewear that made them feel both pulled together and also super comfortable. 


From early morning strategy sessions at the kitchen table to chasing babes around the house, our luxury loungewear is created to help women find their work-from-home stride.

Our clothing is sustainable, comfortable, and luxurious with clean lines and a relaxed fit.  We create pieces that can be mixed and matched easily, fit into a capsule wardrobe, and always keep your style unique and inspiring.