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I found myself, early on a Wednesday morning standing in front of my kitchen counter with a machine that resembled a small spaceship.  Next to me was a pile of carrots that I had just washed.  I turned on our new juicer and I pushed the first carrot into the turning blade.  Day one of the cancer fighting diet had begun. When my family first found out about my dad’s cancer, we were overwhelmed.  We were overwhelmed with the news of sickness but also with the seemingly endless alternative methods to fighting cancer and the pressure to do the ‘right thing’ to save my dad. I learned a new word during this time in our cancer battle.  That word was...
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2016 was a year that was filled with a lot of good things for me. I graduated college with a degree that I am excited about.  I got a job with a brand that I really believe in. I celebrated a one year anniversary with my boyfriend who I love very much. I started my own business. Despite these landmark events, however, I stumble into 2017 with many loose ends.   I embark into the adventure of 2017 with my head a mess, my emotions dizzying, in constant pursuit of the best strategy with which to tackle the questions that life has presented me.   Since the moment I decided to start nine56 studio, I was suddenly facing many unexpected...
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    When I was younger, and actually up until only a few months ago, my grandmother was always interested by whatever creative endeavor I was exploring that day.   She would always say to me that she hoped she lived long enough to see what I ended up doing with my life.  As the fates would have it, she passed away on the Monday after I had my first photoshoot for nine56.   In honor of her fighting spirit and her grace, I am dedicating my first collection to my grandmother, Mary Margaret Floersch.  I have named all of the styles after her family members and the people who were important to her.   My grandmother was loved by...
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