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Each of us had a vision of our future self, our answer to the question of where we would be in ten years. I envisioned myself as a strong career woman, high heels clicking as I confidently walked down the hallway. Future me would grab a latte for breakfast before spending her days in conference room chairs or behind mahogany desks, with a skyscraper view through the walls of windows. And of course, I had my power suit. 

This vision of my adult self didn’t end up manifesting. I did, in fact, have the opportunity to work in a corporate setting in college - but reality was less glamorous than my high school dreams, and I found it to be the exact opposite of what I wanted in my life. Maybe you are like me, finding more thrill in a life spent in your home than the promise of that corner office with a view. Maybe you run the world while cleaning up the kitchen from the fifth snack of the day. Maybe you work towards your dreams in between laundry loads. Maybe your daily task list is a smattering of both whipping up bake sale treats and sewing up something beautiful for your digital storefront. Sister, if this is you, know that your dreams are just as worthy as those gals killing it at a 9 to 5. 

But you need your power suit too. 

More women are choosing to work from home. Even before the pandemic flipped our lives on end, women were finding that not only could they manage working from home but that they could thrive doing it. There are ever-increasing opportunities and resources to work from home, be it through freelancing, opening an Etsy shop, or selling essential oils. Seriously, the opportunities are endless! The biggest pull of these businesses is that they can be managed and grown successfully, all while we also take care of our babies. This is so important to many of us mamas! A lounge set strikes the work-family balance, being both functional enough for all the tasks of a homemaker and polished enough to keep you feeling put-together and professional. 

The stay-at-home mama is the CEO. Girlfriend, you are the chief executive officer of your home and life. This is not an easy job, and it’s important that you look the part. I know that the temptation to stay in your pajamas until noon or throw on baggy sweatpants is strong, but hear me when I say that you will have way more productivity and joy in your day if you show up ready to thrive. The best part of a lounge set is that you can feel like a professional rockstar while also feeling super comfy! They are easy to care for (read: no dry cleaning), and they can take you from vacuuming the floors to running errands without a pause for a wardrobe change. Nobody has time for that. An outfit that helps you thrive through all the things that you have to do in a day? That sounds pretty empowering to me. 

Comfort is queen. I don’t think we can over-emphasize the importance of being comfy and cozy in our days spent at home. Being put-together is key, but try to play on the floor with your children while battling with restrictive waistbands and jacket buttons! Comfort is needed for joy in the life of the at-home boss mom. Especially with the days getting shorter, having outfits that wrap you up like a warm hug are something no girl should be without. A lounge set can give you all the focus and can-do attitude of a power suit, but minus the starched hems and fussy care labels. They really are the new power suit!

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