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If you’ve been keeping up with the happenings around here, you know that last week we wrapped up pre-sales for our loungewear capsule (our campaign was 103% funded!)  If you missed out on funding our first round of production and receiving 30% off each of our six lounge-worthy pieces, we have some good news for you…

Through the funds raised during our pre-sales campaign, not only are we able to fulfill our pre-sales orders.  We are also able to fund production of limited runs to carry on our online shop!

And I have some even better news…..

As of today, you can find our loungewear capsule on Market45.  Market45 is an ethical fashion marketplace featuring 20 independent brands that value sustainability and ethics. 

Market45 is an amazing place to discover brands that care about the way they make their clothing.  They know that our wardrobes can have a hugely positive impact on our lives and our world! 

You won’t find perfectly sustainable labels here, because there is no such thing as perfectly sustainable (and you should probably be skeptical of any brand claiming to be so!)  Instead, you will find independent labels who have some of the most transparent supply chains in the industry and who create products with integrity. 

Market45 also offers a discount on ethical fashion.  You will receive 10% off your total purchase when you shop this ethical marketplace!

Market45 is an amazing opportunity for brands like Nine56 to connect with women (and men) who have been searching for labels that they can trust and feel good about buying from.  I am so excited to be a part of Market45 and this community of like-minded consumers who believe that they are a part of the solution.

I have this wonderful, warm-fuzzy feeling like this is just the beginning…

You can find out more about Market45 at

Do you want to start your ethical wardrobe without spending a dime?  Check out my free guide on how to make a capsule wardrobe actually work for you!

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