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If you’ve scrolled through my Instagram account, it’s no surprise that I’m a total fan of the crop pant.  Wide leg crop pants are my go-to for throwing together a look that is effortlessly chic.  I love my crop pants in the warm seasons when I can pair them with sandals and tie tees but I especially love to rock my crop pants in the cold seasons.  Wide leg crops are so versatile and all it takes is a little different styling to make them your favorite cold weather piece.  If you’ve been missing out on the potential of crop pants in the winter, don’t worry! I’m about to let you in on all my secrets.  

Here’s what you need to know to rock your favorite crop pant all year long:

Length - There is no one perfect length for a crop, that’s what makes them so fun!  The thing to know about the length of a crop is that for them to be the most flattering, they should hit between your ankle and the widest part of your calf.  I love the look of a short crop as long as the length falls below the widest part of my calf.  However, I’m a shorter gal so crops usually fit a bit longer on me, right above my ankle.  But I still love pairing this length of pant with a cute sneaker for an easy, chic look.

Boots - Boots are the secret to rocking your favorite crop pant all year long!  The best part about wearing a boot with a wide leg crop pant (aside from looking like a total rock-star) is that it’s so functional look for brutal winters!  You can venture out into sub zero temps or slushy streets knowing that you look great and you’re protected from the cold and snow.  I really like a wedge boot to pair with my wide leg crops, these Sorel boots are perfect because they are comfortable, cute, and can withstand the elements.

Layers-  A great layering piece is key to creating outfits around a crop pant in the winter.  You can usually find me lounging or working in my current favorite wide leg crop pant, our David Pant, paired with our fitted knit, (and oh-so-soft) Anna Mock neck.  This outfit is so simple and feels like my perfect work-from-home uniform.  But for those cold winter days, I love layering sweaters, jackets, shirts, basically any longer layer over this combo to really snuggle in or bundle up.  The secret to getting the most out of your crop pants in the cold seasons, is having a great, fitted, layering piece that you can pair with them.  This creates great foundation for a myriad of easy, chic winter outfits!

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