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I had my first my-baby-is-growing-up-way-too-fast moment a few days ago when we no longer needed to use the newborn insert in our mamaRoo swing. Our little man is getting SO big.  He's getting rolls on his thighs, he's smiling and cooing, and starting to notice his surroundings.  He loves talking with his daddy, falling asleep on his auntie while she’s doing her homework, snuggling with his grandma, pooping on his mama (this has happened more times than I’d like to remember), keeping us all laughing at his silly faces and staring into his big blue eyes.

I’m even more in love with being a mom after two months than I was after one month.  As DJ gets bigger and starts to show more of his personality, I love how our relationship has become more interactive.  I feel like I learn more every day about what it means to be a mom. 

As rewarding as these past two months have been, they have also been such lesson in patience.  From working through nursing setbacks to accepting my postpartum body, it’s been a process of putting in the work every day and being patient with the results.  More importantly, it’s been about enjoying this work and not wishing it away for a time when baby is 6 months old or when I have 6 pack abs.     

Speaking of abs, or lack there of, loving my postpartum body has become more of a challenge in month two than it was right after DJ was born.  The first month I was so amazed by my body.  I felt like a strong warrior mama for having pushed this human out of my body.  But it didn't take long for me to start wishing that my thighs were smaller, my arms stronger, and my belly less, well, saggy.  It’s been a daily practice of making healthy choices (for the most part) and acknowledging all that my body is capable of that’s really helped me have gratitude.  Buying clothing that fits me comfortably right now has been another important part in accepting my postpartum body (I plan to write a whole blog post about this later). 

Having patience has extended beyond taking care of my baby and my body into having patience living with my mom and my sister again and being under the safer-at-home order.    This postpartum period has definitely not looked like I imagined so far but I can tell it’s been exactly how it was supposed to me.  DJ is so lucky to have three gals taking care of him all day (and his dad when he’s not at work).  While COVID has kept DJ away from family and friends who can’t wait to meet him, it’s been such a gift to get to share this fleeting time with my mom and my sister.

These days, I live for my baby boy’s sweet smile and perfect snuggles.  My favorite moments are spent cooking meals with my mom and sister, playing games on our deck with DJ snoozing nearby, snuggling with my boys, taking walks, and just soaking in our little family and this precious time together.

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