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I love bringing my tribe along behind the design process and why we create the pieces we do.  The Austin Tie Top is one of my favorite pieces that I’ve ever designed and it’s so simple!  I thought it would be fun to do a little profile on this piece to walk you through what I was thinking throughout the process of bringing this top to life.  And, yes, I even threw in a little alliteration!

Here we go!

The Austin Tie Top:

THE FASHION - We create all of our styles to fit into a capsule wardrobe.  It’s important to me that women can build their wardrobes slowly and mindfully so we like to create pieces that can be paired with our existing product.  The Austin was created to pair with our David Pant and be worn as a two piece jumpsuit.  I love the look of jumpsuits but often find them impractical for my every day life.  So this was the perfect solution for me.  Of course we needed to design a top that would look amazing on it’s own as well!   So that was where I started when designing this piece. 

THE FIT - We wanted this top to have a relaxed feel without being so oversized.  I wanted it to work as a layering piece to be paired with a jacket or sweater.  It’s always such a pain point for me when my favorite brands create a great, oversized top that’s so fun to breeze around the house in.  Because the second I want to put a sweater over it, or throw on a jacket to go outside, I can’t.  The fit is too oversized to be layered under anything.  Living in the midwest, layers are a must.  With this top we wanted to create that relaxed feel of an oversized top but also make sure that it could be layered over keeping it functional for all of us midwesterners!

THE FABRIC - Something that makes this piece really special is that it’s garment dyed which means that it was sewn before being dyed.  We love garment dying because it allows for a softer, worn-in feel and lets the color saturate the seams giving the signature look of our elevated loungewear.  Last year was the first time we released a garment dyed style and I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback.  I feel like the Austin is the perfect continuation of our garment dyed styles that were released last year!  It’s made from 100% Lyocell. Lyocell is a form of Rayon. It’s a natural cellulose fiber that is made from dissolving wood pulp in a ‘closed-loop’ system. This fabric is so comfortable and crisp, it’s everything I dream of for an easy top.

THE FUNCTION - Function is a top priority when I’m dreaming up a new style.  After all, I believe that clothing is a tool that should serve our lives.  And to do this, it must function well!  I often find that to create the best elevated loungewear pieces, the secret is to keep the design simple.  We added just the right details to make this top special and different than anything else you own.  The tie is one of my favorite details that makes the Austin unique while staying true to my design style of clean lines and relaxed fit.  I love what Emily of the blog A Day Pack said about the Austin, I actually said, ‘Whoa!’ when I opened the package and put this top on. Each time I wear it, I feel 100% comfortable, but still completely pulled together.  That’s exactly how we want women to feel when this top arrives at their doorstep and every time they reach for it in their closets.

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