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When I say that I design elevated loungewear, I’m not talking about the kind of loungewear you’d see from Juicy Couture, quite the opposite actually.  I believe that clothing should be able to take us seamlessly throughout our whole day with style and comfort.  I believe that the same outfit that I’m wearing right now as I type this, snuggled in with my tea and my laptop, should be the same outfit that I feel confident in to meet a magazine editor to discuss a potential feature.  To me, that’s elevating my loungewear to fit my lifestyle needs. 

As a brand that sought to create clothing that could take women from weekend lounging, to running errands, to the office (in-home or otherwise), we knew that we needed to find a way to make all of our styles both comfortable and empowering.  Garment dying was a way that we found to make our woven styles as soft (arguably even softer) than our knit styles.  It allows us to find that balance between style and comfort to create the perfect all-day-ready pieces.   

Garment dying is a process of dying a garment after it’s been sewn.  Not only does this method make every single garment unique, it creates the signature look of our elevated loungewear.  When a garment is dyed after it’s sewn it has distinct qualities like rippling hems, fading, and subtle change in color tones that add to the character of the garment as it’s worn.  This is how we create the look of our styles that have the worn-in, vintage feel.  Pieces like our garment dyed David Pant can be paired with a sweater to cozy in or easily elevated with a heel and a blouse. 

Garment dying is the most extensive of the dying methods but we think that it’s so worth it to achieve a softer, broken-in feel from a fabric otherwise would feel more restrictive.  We garment dye pieces made from our Lyocell Twill fabric to create the perfect balance of clean lines and a relaxed fit.  One of my favorite aspects of garment dying is that it lets the color saturate the seams which really creates a product that stands apart from others. 

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