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Here’s the thing, we all have this idea in our heads of what we wished our closets looked like.  We have this vague image of waking up every morning to an absolutely beautiful closet filled with gorgeous things that would create stress-free mornings and confidence all day long!  The problem is, we don’t actually know what specific clothing would be in this closet that we’ve been dreaming of.  So we keep falling into the cycle of cleaning out our closets, every time with the intention that this time will be the time that our closet stays clean and curated.  But it never does.  Suddenly our closets are overflowing again and we’re dealing with stress from too many of the wrong types of clothes, guilt from impulse purchases, and a general distain for our closets and everything in them. 

You might be reading this and thinking, Yes!  This is me!  But how do I finally break the cycle?  And I’m hear to tell you that the secret to creating the closet of your dreams is learning not only what to take out but also what to add in to your closet.  In other words, the the secret to creating your dream closet is figuring out what kinds of clothing really serve your lifestyle and your taste.  Then you can define your style and start intentionally buying clothing that you’ll really, truly love. 

I have created a free guide that walks you step by step through how to do this!  In this guide, not only do I show you how to get rid of the clothing that isn’t serving you to help you create a clean and organized closet, I walk you through how to add in new pieces sustainably so that it stays that way!  This guide is jam packed with resources, tips, and knowledge to help you reframe your mindset about how you shop for clothes and dress for your life.

I seriously can’t wait for you to dig in and see this closet transformation come to life!  Get your free guide on how to create your dream closet here!

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