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When researching what styles I wanted to design in 2019, I sent out a survey to see what kinds of clothing would best serve the women who follow my brand.  One of the questions on this survey was, for which environment/activity are you most looking for clothing.  Do you know what the most popular answer was?  It wasn’t a dress for date night or a blazer for the office, it was clothing to run errands in.  Running errands was the activity that women who responded to my survey most wanted clothing for. 

And that got me thinking: running errands, getting stuff done around the house, making meals, how much of our lives do these activities take up?  And yet, we don’t ever buy clothing for these parts of our lives.  Instead we invest in clothing to wear for dinner and drinks out, to the office, to that concert we’re so excited about.  And that leaves us showing up in old tee-shirts, leggings, and oversized sweatshirts for the parts of our lives where building and growing really happens.  When it comes to creating and living out healthy routines in our everyday lives we aren’t dressing to show up as our best.

Maybe the reason that we have full closets with nothing to wear is because we’re investing in the wrong types of clothes.  This might be because we define some aspects of our lives as more worthy than others.  We’ve learned that things like earning money, having a bubbling social life, and fancy vacations are worthy.  So we invest in dressing for those things without even a thought about the rest of our lives.

But do you know what?  The thing that you really need to understand when choosing what clothing to add to your closet is this:  You’re worthy as you are.  You’re worthy because you show up every day.  And it’s time that you start honoring and investing in that so you can show up as your best self to those in-between moments where the hard work of building the life you want really happens.  Girlfriend, it’s time to reframe how your see your clothing so that you can show up feeling comfortable and confident in not only your clothing but in how you’re creating your best life.

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