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A year and a half ago my husband and I loaded up the last of my things into the back of a U-Haul and drove 4 1/2 hours to our new home in Wisconsin.  I knew my life was going to change in a big way from this move.   But what I didn’t realize was all of the structure that I was leaving behind.  As we drove across the WI/MN boarder, I was saying goodbye to by job as a seamstress, my group fitness, my health food stores, all of these things I’d built my routines around.  I would transition to a life where I would be working from home (alone) all day.

I quickly realized that if I was going to stay healthy and productive (not to mention sane) I was going to need to put the structure back into my days and build routines that were nurturing for me. 

One of the most surprising tools that I used to do this was my wardrobe. 

When I first started working from home, my clothing was the last thing I was paying attention to.  I would show up in my pjs or sweatpants for hours at a time, sipping coffee and doing all the things from my kitchen table.  But as the hours melted into each other, I would feel increasingly sluggish, unproductive, and even lazy. 

Although it seemed like my clothing didn’t matter anymore since I was no longer leaving the house for work, what I wore was more important than it ever had been. I started paying attention to what I was wearing and how it was helping me to show up for the work that I wanted to do.  I created my own work-from-home uniform of pieces that made me feel comfortable and also like a total girl boss who was ready to tackle her crazy to-do list. 

My clothing became a tool to help me show up as my best, even on days when I never left the house. Especially on those days, because the person that I really needed to show up for was me.   

I encourage all work-from-home warriors to start paying attention to their wardrobes.  What are you putting on every morning? Is it setting the tone for how you want to show up for your day?  

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