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I’m a huge jumpsuit fan.  I love how they have both the elevated feel of a dress and the appreciated function of pants.  You can’t wear a jumpsuit and not feel like a total badass, and I really love that. 

Traditional jumpsuits have all the elements I look for in my work-from-home uniform: relaxed fit, clean lines, easy to throw on, makes me feel pulled together, and of course, super comfortable.  But there were a couple of reasons why these jumpsuits weren’t making the short list of what I added to my wardrobe. 

If you work from home, or anyplace where you’re logging a lot of sitting/computer hours, I bet you can relate to this first issue I have with traditional jumpsuits: they make it hard to pee!

Your work from home regimen might not look like mine.  But if it’s at all similar, you’re downing all the coffee, water, and tea while you tackle that to-do list!  And let’s just be real here, when that much liquid is going in, it’s gotta come out! 

When you’re peeing 5+ times during a work day, it just seems silly to wear something that needs to come all the way off to make this happen. Am I right? 

The second issue I had with traditional jumpsuits was that I couldn’t really create a lot of outfits with them.  I wasn’t able to mix and match with clothing I already had in my closet which was a huge bummer.

My design team and I started chatting about these issues and we found a really simple solution: why not make a jumpsuit from a top and a bottom that could be worn as one piece? That’s why we designed our Michele Wrap Top and Danielle Crop Pant that can be worn together in our very own version of the two-piece jumpsuit. 

The Michele is our effortless wrap top.  This short sleeve, wrap top is such a versatile piece and the perfect staple to pair with just about anything in your closet! We love how wrap tops are both timeless and modern.  In our own take on the wrap top, we wanted to make sure it had great coverage, fit, and character.  We love to wear the Michele layered under a jean jacket, tucked into a skirt, or paired with denim cut-offs.  But our favorite way to wear is pairing the Michele with its partner in crime, the Danielle Crop Pant, to seriously up level our loungewear game.


The Danielle is our breezy crop pant that you’ll be reaching for all summer long.  This classic style has nothing but the essentials of a perfect everyday pant: inset pockets, comfortable elastic waistband, easy drape. These pants feel like pajamas and are workplace ready!  They are the epitome of elevated loungewear.  We love to dress them up with a wedge and a blouse or dress them down with flats and a graphic tee.  But, of course, our favorite way to wear them is paired with the Michele Wrap Top!


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