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I have to be honest here, I love getting flowers.  I remind my husband of this every year a couple of days before Valentine’s Day.  Then, because he lives very prominently in his male brain, I also remind him that Valentine's Day is right around the corner.  I’d love to say I’m the girl who doesn’t care about getting sweet gifts on Valentine’s Day, that our love is deeper than any material gift on some silly holiday.  And of course, I do know this to be true. 

But the truth is, it’s nice to be reminded that I’m important to my sweetie through a romantic gesture.  It gives me all the warm fuzzies to be pampered with chocolates and flowers by my one and only on a special day.  So for the past three years this has been our tradition.  And although I’m still looking forward to treats from my honey, this year I’m doing something a little bit different on Valentine’s Day.  This year, instead of only waiting to be reminded how much Joe loves me, I’m also going to remind myself how much I love me. 

Maybe you’ve already jumped aboard this Galentine’s bandwagon and you know exactly what I’m talking about.  Perhaps you’ve already ordered yourself that necklace you’ve been eyeing from the online shop of your favorite Instagram personality.  You know, the one etched with that super inspirational quote that is back in stock just in time for February 14th?  And I love that you did that for yourself.  But today I want to offer up another way that you can show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day. 

What if this year you treated yourself with an act of service?  What if you did something that you love to do but never have time for?  This Valentine’s Day try taking just 30 minutes to show yourself some love!  Maybe a million things are coming to your brain of things you’ve been dying to make time for and you just needed permission.  Girlfriend, let this post give you that permission!  Or maybe you’ve neglected showing yourself love for so long that your mind is totally blank after the suggestion of doing something you love.  If that is the case, I have some suggestions for you based on things I love to do for myself. 

Ways you can show yourself some love this V-Day:

Make Yourself some tea and curl up with a good book -  This is my favorite thing to do to relax and unwind.  The best thing about getting lost in a good book is that you can read for only 10 minutes and still be totally transported to a place where all your stress melts away.  I’m sure you’ve already spent 10 minutes scrolling social media today so you can’t give yourself the excuse that you don’t have enough time!  Maybe you don’t have any books lined up to read?  Hop over to my Instagram highlight “Read” to see a list of my favorites that you might also fall in love with.  As for the tea?  It’s my calming drink of choice.  Lately, I’ve been loving Jasmine tea by Rishi (not an add by the way, trying to help a sister out)! 

Take an Epsom Salt bath - Sure you could go for something fancier here, like a sensuous bath bomb.  Maybe something pink with a dried flower in it?  But personally, I’m a fan of the simple and long beloved relaxation properties of Epsom Salt.  Taking a nice soak in an Epsom Salt bath is a great way to show yourself some love while also practicing self care (although, really, I believe that anytime you show yourself love you’re practicing self care).  This form of self love, however, has some documented health benefits.  I’ll share a few.  Epsom Salt is known to relive aches and pains.  It also releases magnesium and sulfate in the hot water that can absorb through your skin to flush toxins.  When you show yourself some love by taking an Epsom Salt bath you’ll be soaking all your stress away, and who doesn’t want that?

Find your fav love playlist on Spotify and make yourself this yummy treat - Of course you can go for any delicious treat here but I’m a fan of this chocolatey and peanut buttery goodness.  It’s worth pointing out here that if you hate baking and never want to spend a second longer than you have to in the kitchen, this will not be a way to show yourself love!  Maybe one of my first two suggestions will better serve you.  But for me, I love spending time in my kitchen and making a wonderful mess creating something delicious. That’s why it’s so sad to me that all too often I find my love affair with baking and cooking lost in the hustle of everyday life.  When I feel rushed to make dinner and get onto the next thing, the magic is lost.  If you’re with me on this, what better way to show yourself some love than by re-sparking the magic of something you love simply by doing if for fun again?

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