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Only have clothing in your closet that fits you right now. I’ve never needed this reminder as much as I do being two and a half months postpartum.  If I’m being honest, the proud warrior mama who was so grateful for her strong body started to be replaced by a much more weary and critical version who paid more attention to her saggy belly and flat butt.  And that wasn’t okay with me.  So of doing things that made me feel unworthy and ungrateful for my body, like trying to squeeze into clothing that fit me last summer, I chose to do things that helped me show up as the best version of myself.  And that started with how I got dressed in the morning.  Here are three reminders to help you love getting dressed, even when you’re not your ideal weight:

You’re worthy of investing in (no matter what your body looks like right now)

Here’s the thing, I only feel bad about my body when I’m trying to squeeze into clothing that doesn’t fit me.  So instead of getting frustrated and feeling unworthy when I try to change my postpartum body to fit into my clothing, I decided to change my clothing to fit my body.  Friend, even if you aren’t your healthiest weight, you still need to be investing in clothing that fits you and makes you feel good.  Because the worst thing that can happen is that you don't feel good about your body and none of your clothes fit you.  Then you’re in a place where you don’t feel worthy of being the best version of yourself so you don’t have the motivation to put in the work to get there.   

You can have a sustainable wardrobe that includes fast fashion pieces

I gave myself grace to buy from brands that I normally wouldn’t love to support so that I could afford clothing that fits me right now.  It’s important to remember that a sustainable wardrobe is one that’s curated with clothing that you’re going to wear over and over again. If you’re in a place that you can afford to support sustainable labels and brands you really believe in, that's amazing. Until then make smart choices (aka be honest with yourself) about the type of clothing you want to wear right now.

You deserve to pursue the healthiest version of yourself.

Let's talk about what the healthiest version of ourselves looks like. Because it's not just about our weight, our muscle tone, or the size of our booty. I totally believe that our physical health is a big piece in our overall health. But here’s the thing, it's just a piece.  Our emotional and mental health are just as important.  You might be in a season where you’re not able to prioritize your physical health as much as you think you should without sacrificing your emotional or mental health (for example, learning how to be a mom).  Give yourself permission to let go of your expectations and focus on your goals.  This might look like shorter work-outs or not having fresh veggies at every meal so that you can have time to meditate, journal, or catch up on sleep instead.  What’s important is being honest about what will serve you right now and having integrity with your followthrough.  Set yourself up with the tools to do this (hint, clothing you feel good in is a great place to start).

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