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No matter how hard you try, you can’t find perfect balance in life.  But you can find it in your clothing and that’s part of the reason why I’m so in love with it.  If you let it, I believe clothing can serve as perfectly balanced tools to help you show up as your best.   

I talk about clothing as a tool a lot, which is a little abstract but I’m going to try to explain what I mean.  Maybe the simplest way to see clothing as a tool is in the physical sense. We all need clothing to get through our day and what we wear can facilitate or hinder our work.  So clothing can be a physical tool to help us day in and day out. 

But clothing is also an emotional tool.  Let me explain.  You know those days, when you’re really in a funk?  Maybe you’ve been in the house for three days straight with little kiddos and you feel clothed in boogers and fatigue.  Maybe you have a new opportunity that makes you feel unsure of yourself and unsure how to show up.  Maybe you’ve been blocked creatively and those yoga pants and sweatshirts you keep showing up in have you stale and out of ideas. 

These are the times when clothing can be a huge tool to help you show up as your best self. 

That’s why whenever I go about designing a new piece, I always have lifestyle in mind.  I think of how I can design for comfort, function, and style all at the same time.  For our brand, this looks like simple silhouettes made from gorgeous fabrics with nothing but the essential details crafted expertly into each piece.

In the Shelby Wrap Top, I really feel like we’ve found the perfect balance for an easy wrap top.  It’s made from super soft organic cotton that we dye a beautiful moss green.  We love to pair the Shelby with our David Pant for productive work mornings from home or with jeans and wedges for girls-night-out.

I love that the Shelby is so easy and versatile.  I can throw it on in 30 seconds and feel comfortable enough to knock out a blog post in my cozy living room and pulled together enough to step our for groceries or a FaceTime call. 

The aspect of the Shelby that really makes it a statement piece, and one of my favorites that we’ve ever designed, is it’s beautiful moss green color.  I found this color after sampling this piece in dozens of other colors and I immediately knew that the pairing of this silhouette and this color was something magical. 

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect fall piece to kick off the cold weather season, take a closer looker at our Shelby Wrap.  I think you’ll fall as in love with it as I am.

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