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The most obvious example in my life that proved to me I was living for other people more than myself was my clothing.

It became such a routine for me to only show up as my best when I was going to be in front of other people that I only wore make-up if I was leaving the house. I only put on “real clothes” if other people were going to see them. I only showed up to be my best when I thought I was going to be showing up for other people.

The problem with this is that I wasn't giving any consideration to how I was showing up for myself, or the quiet, important work that I was doing when no one was looking.

Are you guilty of this?

When’s the last time you invested in your clothing? Was it right before a big vacation? When you knew there was going to be a lot of photos and a lot of opportunities to collect affirming “likes” on social media?

In today’s society that engrains in us that nothing is important unless it’s applauded online, it’s no wonder that we’ve lost a sense of worthiness and soul-fulfilling purpose in our lives. 

We’re putting way too much stock into the fickle opinions of others and we’re not investing in the moments that set our soul on fire. 

If you’re a homebody like me, this can be especially detrimental to our health and well-being.  Because it’s in the quiet moments that we do our best work.  They are where we thrive and where we fill our cup up.

But, if I’m honest, homebody or not, we all live the majority of our lives in these small, in-between moments.  And we owe it to ourselves to show up for them.  Like, really show up.

From practicing our morning routine, to brainstorming ideas for a book we want to write, to creating content to support our side hustle, when we don’t invest in how we are showing up for this important work we’re setting the tone that it’s not really important. 

We’re setting the tone that our well-being, our dreams, our goals aren’t really important, just because no one can see them.

So instead of not showing up as our best because no one will see it, let's do the opposite.  Let’s lean into these moments that create our lives.

We can start by paying attention to what we’re wearing when we show up for them.  We can start by paying attention to our loungewear. 

If you’re ready to start investing in the in-between moments in your life, take our quiz to find out your luxury loungewear MVP.


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