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I fell in love with our house the second that I walked into it.  I think it was the wood floors with their rich caramel tone and the way the kitchen opened up into the living room with a big patio door that let the light stream in.  I immediately pictured all of the dingy, rust colored walls with a fresh coat of white paint, how my parent’s big blue rug that had been promised to me would fill the living room space perfectly.  I knew that we could make this a place that felt like home. 

Sitting here on this mid winter morning, looking through that patio door at the fresh snowfall, it really does feel like home.  The majority of our furniture was handed down to us, including the beautiful blue rug that anchors the living room.  Our few new additions include an oversized grey chair that I love to snuggle up and read or write in and our weathered TV council.

As a creative who works from home, I know that my home is a sacred space.  I don’t only create work I’m proud of here, I create a life that I’m proud of.  When we were looking for houses, I knew that I needed an environment that encouraged healthy routines, mindfulness, peace, and creativity.

That’s exactly what we’ve created in our simple home.  No, we aren’t minimalist.  Our walls may be white but they certainly aren’t bare.  Instead, they’re filled with art that sparks joy and memories that we’ve shared together.  We have a basket of blankets for winter snuggles and candles for morning reading. 

In this heart-warming and life-giving space we make messes on our kitchen island that’s been passed down from generations.  We gather around a handed down table on mismatched chairs to break bread and share stories. 

We’ve made the space our own by painting the chairs a bright white and pairing them with an antique bench from my parents house.  The bench had always been a favorite of mine and it fits seamlessly against the wide windows of our kitchen to complete our cozy dining space perfectly. 

When we bought our house my first instinct was to fill it with brand new things.  I wanted a bunch of new stuff to celebrate a house that was all our own.  But instead, we were mindful about what we brought into our home.  And we continue to be this way every single day, from the furniture in our living space, to the food in our fridge, to the clothing in our closets. 

And this mindfulness creates magic. 

If you want to create magic in your home, I recommend getting started by being more mindful about what you're adding into your closet.  You can download my free guide on how to create the closet of your dreams here! 

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