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Call us crazy but Joe and I decided that for our first baby we didn't want to find out the gender. We figured this was one of the only truly good surprises left in life these days and finding out our baby’s gender when he or she was born was the way that surprise could be the most special for us.  We also had a practical reason for not finding out our baby’s gender.  We know we want at least two babies and we wanted to make sure all the products we were buying for baby number one would also work for baby number two.  So for us, a gender neutral nursery was a must.

It was important for me that even though the nursery would be gender neutral, it wouldn’t be boring.  I wanted the cutest, coziest, most perfect nursery for our sweet babe.  Another challenge for the nursery was deciding which pieces to invest in.  Having non-toxic products in  baby’s room was important to me and so was supporting brands I believe in.  But, of course, we had a budget to consider.  After much deliberation and research, this is our gender neural nursery.

We decided to do a Woodland theme because even though it's pretty popular right now, it's just so darn cute and was perfect for a gender neutral nursery.

Crib. The crib was an investment piece for us.  We chose the Nest Crib from Room And Board.  It’s built by one of the few remaining US family owned crib makers.  We love that it’s made from solid wood and has non-toxic paint and lacquer. 

Dresser. When buying furniture for the nursery, I really wanted to invest in pieces that were versatile and could transition with us through the years. That's why for the changing station we decided to go with a dresser that could function as a changing station for baby now and would still work for us as baby gets older.   We love this dark green color for the dresser because it adds color interest to the room but also works as a neutral.

Rug.  We love our non-toxic 100% wool rug from Hook and Loom.  This is another piece I really wanted to invest in because it’ll work so well for us as baby gets older and can even transition into another room if we need it to. We kept the color a nice neutral gray so it can work in a lot of different spaces.

Drapes. These beauties were made by yours truly. I got the fabric from an outlet that sells dead-stock fabric from designers and brands that didn’t use it. I love purchasing fabric this way because it’s sustainable and budget friendly.

Rocking chair. I love this big rocking chair with its natural wood. It's actually a piece I found second hand on Amazon Marketplace that we got for a really good price.

Bookshelves.  We put together two Billy bookshelves from IKEA to create a bookshelf that works perfectly on the half wall we have in the nursery.   I love that we were able to put together two smaller shelves so they can work in a lot of different spaces if we need them to down the road.

Wall art.  These lovely prints are from an ethical apparel and accessories brand from Canada, The Wild Kids Apparel. 

Plants.  We got our Fiddle Leaf Fig and Rubber Plant from a local nursery.  I wanted these detoxifying plants in baby's room to improve the air quality and also because I love the way plants can complete a room.  Truth be told, I wasn’t willing the shell out $150 for a full size Fiddle Leaf Fig so we went with this tiny size that will hopefully grow as baby grows.  I also tried a Rubber Plant because I heard they were a little hardier than the Fiddle Leaf (just in case!).

Overall, we're in love with our gender-neutral woodland nursery. 

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  • Hi, love the dresser! Where did you buy it?


  • What a beautiful space, can you share the name of the paint colour?


  • Love your gender neutral nursery! What color nest crib is yours and where did you find your dark green dresser?!

    Sarah Mobley

  • Love this nursery! I was wondering though what color did you use for the walls?


  • I love your nursery and am currently creating a gender-neutral nursery, as well. I especially love your simple and cute wall art and have been looking for something similar. Any chance you’d be willing to share the files so I can get them printed? Thank you!


  • What color did you use for your woodland nursery? I’m currently trying to design two (yes two) gender neutral nurseries in our home. I wanted one to be safari themed and one to be woodland themed. I’m really struggling with paint color. We have dark wood trim (which we wont be painting) and the rooms get zero natural sunlight so they’re very dark. My husband does not want white, but is ok with light greys, grey-greens, and grey-blues. Andy advice you have would be so appreciated (I’m truly struggling)!


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