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Being a first-time mama, I had no idea what to expect from my postpartum body.  I tried not to put any expectations around what my body would look like the summer after my spring baby was born but it was still disheartening when I pulled out all my shorts and tops from the year before and none of them fit. 

And here’s the thing, I was feeling good about how I was taking care of myself and I only felt bad about my body when I tried to squeeze into my old favorite styles.  So I made the decision to invest in a capsule postpartum wardrobe that would help me feel comfortable and confident so I could enjoy summer with my sweet babe.  Instead of spending precious energy trying to make my body fit my clothes, I got clothes to fit my body.  And I’m so glad I did, because now I’m able to soak in every moment of my first summer with my boy.

I kept my postpartum summer wardrobe really simple, only purchasing styles that I knew would work for my body and that I would want to wear over and over again.  Here are my go-to postpartum summer styles:

Tied-Up Graphic Tees.  Tee shirts are so easy (and comfortable) for me to wear.  I love how tying up my shirt in the front gives me a waist and looks great with high waisted jean shorts.  I ordered a handful of graphic tees from my favorite Etsy shops where I had some fun embracing motherhood with shirts saying things like “My Squad Calls Me Mama” and “Life is Better With My Boys”.

Jean Shorts.  I always need to have a great pair of jean shorts and I found them in these Curvy High-Rise Shorts from Madewell.

I ordered a couple sizes up from my pre-pregnancy size because I really just wanted these shorts to feel super comfy and easy to throw on.  They are perfect.  I probably wear them 5 days every week!  I highly recommend spending a little bit more for that perfect pair of shorts and only getting one or two.  In total honestly, I have a pair of high waisted Target shorts that don’t fit me nearly as well so I wear them much less.  In my experience it’s really worth the investment to buy fewer but better, especially in a postpartum wardrobe.

Swimsuit.  We spend a lot of time on the lake in the summertime and it was super important to me that I had a swimsuit that made me feel comfortable and cute.  I had quite a few requirements for my swimsuit.  It had to fit my nursing-sized bust (36DD), it had to be easy to nurse in, it had fit all my curves well, it had to have a high waist.  I’m very short waisted and curvy so usually I don’t love high-waisted styles on myself.  But carrying my sweet boy in my tummy gave me some serious stretch marks on my stomach and, if I’m honest, I feel more confident when they are covered up.  Maybe one day this mama will proudly show off her tiger stripes but for now, I feel better in styles that keep them hidden.  And do you know what, that’s okay too!  Thriving in my postpartum body has been all about doing what feels good to me and letting go of any expectations or judgement.

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  • Could you post the brand of bathing suit you are wearing please? You are adorable and I’m so glad I found you through the Homemaker Chic podcast

    Elizabeth Dwelley

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