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I knew that our loungewear could be a lot better.  I wanted to challenge the idea that synthetic yoga pants, thin leggings, and bulky knits were the only way to do loungewear.  And although I do have an affinity for knits and they are used in this collection, I saw a lot of potential in woven fabrics to make loungewear that was both professional and also comfortable.   

Finding the right fabrics for this collection was super important to me when I set out to create this loungewear capsule.  I definitely didn’t get it right on the first try.  It took a lot of sampling and performance testing before I found the four fabrics that would prove to the perfect fit for our loungewear/workwear collection.

We used fabrics with a primarily natural fabric content because it’s better for our bodies and it’s better for the planet.  We used four different fabrics in this collection and I am absolutely in love with them all.  Here’s some cool things to know about them:

Linen/Rayon Canvas (seen in the Deann Tunic and Joseph V-Neck Top):

We love Linen for its perfect combination of being both lightweight and durable.  Blended with Rayon, this fabric wrinkles less than 100% Linen and drapes beautifully.

Fiber content-50% Linen, 50% Rayon

Lyocell Twill (seen in the David Pant and Thomas Jacket):

Lyocell is a form of Rayon.  It’s a cellulose fiber that is made from dissolving wood pulp in a ‘closed-loop’ system.  This fabric is so comfortable and crisp, it’s everything we dream of in a pant and jacket.

Fiber content-100% Lyocell

Soy/Organic Cotton French Terry (seen in the Darsi Midi Dress):

We love this fabric for how comfortable and functional it is.  Organic Cotton is GMO free and is grown without any pesticides.   Soy is soft, durable and drapes like silk. It is wrinkle resistant and made in a ‘closed loop’ system in which chemicals are reused.  Together they create a dream fabric.

Fiber content- 47.5%Soy, 47.5% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex

Bamboo Viscose Jersey(seen in the Anna Mock-Neck Tee): 

We chose to use Bamboo in the Anna Mock-Neck because we wanted a fabric that would feel great against the body.  Bamboo is super soft and highly absorbent (which means that it doesn’t stick to your body, making it perfect for leisure-wear).  We love that Bamboo does not need any pesticides or fertilizer to grow and doesn’t need to be replanted every year.

Fiber content-95% Bamboo Viscose/5 % Spandex

See these fabrics in our loungewear capsule HERE!

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