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I stared at the confirmation for the online order I’d just placed for maternity clothes and realized that I’d never spent so much money on my clothes in one fell swoop before.

If I’m being honest, this gal who champions investing in yourself and tools to show up as your best still second guesses investing in herself.  I’m sure you can relate to all of the things running through my head after placing this order: Should I have used that money for something else? Am I spending too much? Do I really deserve this?

These thoughts are all too familiar to me, but being pregnant has started to shift them.

With so much more being demanded of my body as it grows a little human, I really need to be doing whatever I can to feel my best.

Of course this looks like healthy eating and all the self-care (hello baths, reading, SLEEP, and meditation), it also looks like investing in products and services that are going to support me in my journey into motherhood. 

Here are my 5 favorite products and services I’ve invested in that have seriously made ALL the difference when it comes to how I’m feeling and navigating pregnancy.

1. Boob Design.  This brand has been amazing!  Boob Design is a Swedish clothing company that makes clothes for pregnant and nursing women.  What I love about this brand is that many of the pieces are designed to be worn and loved after you’re no longer pregnant or nursing (which makes investing in awesome and sustainable maternity pieces so much easier!)  I have the Once-On-Never-Off Merino Wool Leggings, which true to their name, hardly ever leave my body.  I also invested in a great wool sweater which must be sold out because I can’t find it online anymore! Lastly, I got the 24-7 Nursing Bra which I’ve already been wearing every day and loving.

2. Blanqi is another clothing brand that I’ve been loving.  Like Boob, they make pieces that can be worn during pregnancy and afterwards!  When my yoga pants started feeling too tight, I knew I needed new work-out gear that would make me feel excited to exercise and Blanqi had exactly what I was looking for.  I got these Everyday Maternity Belly Support Leggings that I’ve been wearing all the time.  I also invested in these leggings that are super comfy for my growing belly and will also be great to wear once baby is here!


3. Primally Pure Skin Care.  As someone who’s REALLY struggled with her skin, going all natural with my products was a HUGE gamble for me.  I’d tried going natural in the past with horrible results and I don’t think anything but the health of a little baby growing in my belly would have ever made me try natural skincare products again.  When I first found out I was pregnant, I switched to Primally Pure’s deodorant and loved it so much that I gathered the courage to try their oil face cleanser as well.  I now use the Cleansing Oil in the evenings followed by either their Beauty Cream or Fancy Face Serum (I switch between these every other night). I use just the Everything Spray in the mornings.  I’ll be back for an update after my skin isn’t affected by pregnancy hormones but so far I’ve been really loving these products.  They have made my skin feel so good and turned skincare into a ritual I look forward to instead of something I dread!

4. Fit Pregnancy Club.  If there was one time in my life that I’ve been thankful for Instagram Ads it was when I discovered Fit Pregnancy Club.  I was in my second trimester and really struggling to know what was “safe” during different stages of pregnancy and getting frustrated when I’d have to modify a move.  Fit Pregnancy Club creates workouts specifically for pregnant mamas and postpartum mamas.  This was a game-changer for me!  They have studios in NYC but they also offer online classes, which is perfect if you happen to be a rural midwest mama like me.  Their workouts leave me feeling awesome, not only in the sense that I’m doing something to keep my body healthy and moving, but also that I’m strengthening specific body parts that are in high demand during pregnancy. 

5. Headspace.  I’ve been using the Headspace meditation app for about a year and a half now but I have an even greater appreciation for it since becoming pregnant.  Headspace has a specific pregnancy package that has really helped me to stay mindful and connect with baby.  This was especially helpful in the first trimester when baby was so tiny and making me feel so sick!  I’ve continued using Headspace throughout my pregnancy and it’s definitely contributed to me feeling peaceful and positive during pregnancy.

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