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Mama’s In Loungewear is a blog series that showcases some really incredible mamas and everything they are from the comfort of their loungewear.

Our power suits might look more like sweaters and leggings and our conference room more like a kitchen table but we homemaker mamas are changing the world and it’s so important that we show up to encourage and inspire each other. 

Featured: Brianna Hale 

Etsy shop owner, believer, + boy mom

In her own words:

First I'm a believer in Christ and try to incorporate my faith in all that I do. I recently just opened an Etsy Shop and am so excited to start the journey as a small business owner. I plan to start a blog and continue to share my motherhood journey with other Mama's and Mama's to be. I absolutely love motherhood and the community that surrounds it! So many amazing women and mom's out there sharing their hearts, offering support, and loving and encouraging other moms. I want to be like those women I look up to! I want to have long conversations to help other women that have similar struggles I do and continue to learn and grow and better myself as a mama through helping others and receiving help myself. 

On her wardrobe:

Brianna buys clothes just about every season.  She’s an avid thrifter so she’s always on the hunt for new pieces to love.  Durability is first when it comes to what she looks for in her clothing.  With two little boys she needs clothing that is comfortable and easy to nurse in.  She’s loving our Michele Wrap Top because it checks all of these boxes.  In these dog days of summer, her go-to outfits are dresses, skirts, and rompers.  But soon she’ll be trading them out for chunky sweaters and trousers.

On staying mindful:

I love that Brianna stays mindful with her wardrobe by thrifting many of her favorite pieces to save money and avoid fast fashion.  She has an amazing philosophy when it comes to what she brings into her home.  Living as simply as she can, she focuses first on getting more of the things her family needs and fewer of what they want.  She has this same pragmatic approach when it comes to her daily routine.  She loves the flexibility of stay-at-home motherhood.  She wakes up and decides what she wants to do and when she wants to do it.  As for self-care, this busy mama makes time for herself by binging Netflix.  Does Netflix count as a form of self-care you ask? When you’re a busy mama who gets to snuggle next to her husband after the kiddos are in bed via a Netflix binge session, I think it totally counts! 

Q + A:

Q. Your best Sunday morning?

A. Just about Every Sunday I make a big breakfast, pancakes, eggs, bacon...the works! Then we all get back into bed for a snuggle session.

Q. The best title you have?

A: Mama!!! I love being a mom! By far the best thing that's ever happened in my life. I absolutely love hearing my son call me that.

Q: Your favorite thing about motherhood?

A: The fact that it's never ending.  I'll always be a mama; forever! Growing a child in my belly, then raising them up.  Seeing the world through their eyes.  Being the person they come to for anything.  Seeing the fruits of my labor.  Watching their every milestone and accomplishments.

Q: Someday you want to do.

A: Start a blog! I'm working towards that in the near future.

Follow Brianna: @thehaleshaven

Shop Brianna’s Loungewear pick: Michele Wrap Top

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