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Mamas In Loungewear is a blog series where we showcase some really incredible mamas and everything they are from the comfort of their loungewear.

Our power suits might look more like lounge sets and our conference room more like a kitchen table but we homemaker mamas are changing the world and it’s so important that we show up to encourage and inspire each other. 

Featured : Ariana Raley

Plant lover, truth seeker, + thrift store enthusiast.

In her own words:

I’m a stay at home momma of 4 sweet children. I’m a homemaker, a gardener, a collector of vintage finds, an herbalist. I wear many hats, as all mommas do. My passions include studying topic of self mastery. I consider myself a steward of the land, growing food and medicinal herbs at our home. I’m also big on conscious parenting and breaking generational trauma. For a business I’ve partnered with dōTerra and Purium. These are companies that are dedicated to helping empower people with their health. I’m a certified esthetician and offer services like waxing and eyelash extensions, I’ve put this business on hold as of late because I’ve got my hands full with the twins. 

On her wardrobe:

For Ariana, the most important thing her clothing needs to do is allow her to run around after her kids.  She’s a total super hero and is currently breastfeeding TWO babies, so easy access for that is also a must!  Her days look like going from cooking dinner to changing diapers to gardening so she needs clothing that allows her to do it all with ease.  Right now Ariana’s go-to outfit for working from home is jeans and a T-shirt.  She admits that this combo doesn’t always make her feel very empowered but it’s what she has and what’s fast and easy.  I think this is a beautiful reminder that commitment to curating our perfect wardrobe is not always possible (like when you’re taking care of new twins and their two older siblings).  Although these crazy times are when we most need a wardrobe that can serve us well, curating that wardrobe takes time and energy.  Those are two things that, as mamas, we don’t always have to spare.  So we need to give ourselves so much grace!

On staying mindful:

I love how Ariana focuses on food as a way to be more mindful and sustainable in her lifestyle.  She buys food in bulk, grows her own food, and composts.  She also practices mindfulness in the products she brings into her home and strives to buy quality things over quantity. Most of her family’s belongings are second hand.  For Ariana, mindfulness is more of a state of being that she tries to practice all day.  She believes that being intentional is something we can all do, all the time.  She has the wonderful practice of quietly setting an intention for the day when she wakes up.  Some days this happens while nursing a baby or making breakfast for her other children, but what’s important to her is that it’s something that happens every day.  Another part of her daily routine that she loves is taking a shower in her outdoor shower.  I can totally relate when she talks about the thrill of the cold and just being naked outside.  I love that this is something she does every day.  Using oils is also part of her self-care.  She describes using the gua sha tool on her face with her favorite dōTerra oils as pure bliss. 


Q. If you could eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

A. A bowl of rice with a fried egg on top and a slice of pickled jalapeño on the side. This is a go to for dinner when I need to make something quick. 

Q. What motivates you to work hard?

A. I have immigrant parents. They modeled to me hard work, still, to this day they do. I work hard because I don’t want their sacrifices to be in vain. 

Q. What’s one goal you haven’t accomplished yet? 

A. I really want to start an herb and veggie biodynamic permaculture farm. I want to take a course on biodynamic and permaculture farming principles. I’ve put it in motion but haven’t made it a priority to start a course.

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