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Our “factory” is really more of a studio space.  It is located in the heart of NorthEast Minneapolis in the city’s art district.  Every single garment is made by hand by women who have a lot of passion for making garments the right way.

 We had a list of ethical factories in the US that we were gearing up to work with when we realized that wasn’t the right fit for us.  We wanted to have a more personal relationship with the women sewing our product. After all, we see clothing and its creation as a relationship of mutual respect between wearer, producer, and designer. 

So we partnered with Abby, a Minneapolis gal who has amazing experience and immense passion for creating quality clothing.  Abby is a wife to Ben and mother to Esther, Michael, and Helen.  She is a lover of plants and if she were a flavor it would be “funky”.  She has 10 years of experience in contract sewing and product development and we couldn't be more thrilled to be teaming up with her.

Producing our products right here in Minneapolis allows us to:

  1. Have more affordable products - We can produce much more economically for small production runs in our own studio (we pass that savings along to you). 
  2. Ensure quality - When we produce in our own studio we can be hands-on and ensure that every single part of the process is working as we want.
  3. Reduce Waste - We eliminate a lot of waste that happens in shipping to and from a production partner.
  4. Build community- A goal as our company grows is to employ local women and be supportive of all areas of their life.

 We know that you deserve high quality clothing to facilitate your work and help you show up as your best self.  So trust me when I say that we don’t take shortcuts when making our garments.  Ease and simplicity is at the core of what we do.  That includes how we make our clothing.  So we engineer and craft our garments to be comfortable, functional, and beautiful without all of the bells and whistles that would get in the way of what we feel is essential to the garment and the wearing experience.  That allows us to craft each piece by hand, with a lot of care.  And we believe the proof is in the pudding.

See for yourself! You can shop our first ever capsule collection now on Kickstarter, HERE!

If you believe in how we make clothing, please share this campaign with your friends and help us spread the word! We have 8 days left to meet our fundraising goal to go into production with our loungewear capsule!

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