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If you’ve been hanging around here, you know that I love routines.  I get really lit up about helping women discover what nurturing routines look like in their lives.  But for as important as healthy, everyday routines are, it’s equally important to step out of those routines every once and awhile to make sure that they’re aligned with your purpose. 

Stepping out of your routine can look like a lot of things.  I had the opportunity to step out of my routine earlier this month when my family road tripped to North Carolina for my cousin’s wedding.  My mom found a VRBO with a little cabin in the mountains, nestled on a working farm. 

This was one of the most life giving trip I’ve taken in a while.  And it’s because it held space for reflection and connection.  If you’re really looking to reconnect with your purpose you have to make space for rest.  And I’m not talking about the kind of rest that involves a sunny beach and margaritas.  I’m taking about the kind of rest that lifts you up and lets you see your life without the heaviness of your everyday stressors. 

To reconnect you need rest that doesn’t allow you to forget the obstacles in your life, but instead allows you to see ways around and through them.  Reconnecting to your purpose looks like figuring out if it’s time to lean in and work through these obstacles or pivot and make a change to get you to where you really want to be. 

For me, this kind of rest looked like waking up every morning to a beautiful mountain view and sipping my morning coffee in a porch rocking chair.  It looked like breathing the crisp air, writing, and reading. And finding a deeply rooted truth that, for me, joy is waking up to every morning just like that.  I reconnected to my purpose of slow days filled with work that I love, on my own schedule.  Of a house that sits in the rolling hills of Wisconsin.  Of a big garden and a messy kitchen.  Of days that are intentional and all my own. 

Having those days away to reconnect to my purpose has helped me to step back into my routines renewed and ready to continue the work of building a life I love.

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