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You know that icky feeling when you haven’t washed your hair in days, you’re on day three of the same leggings and you spilled coffee on your shirt that morning? 

Welcome to pregnancy, all the time.  Luckily, we have some tools to bless the mess that is an expectant body and heart.  Showers are good.  A little make-up can help.  But it’s been investing in clothing that is comfortable and makes me feel good that's really made all the difference. 

When I found out I’d be in my third trimester over the holidays, I knew that I’d have to upgrade my usual borrow-a-dress-from-mom-the-day-before-christmas strategy.  I had to take time figuring out comfortable styles that would flatter my growing belly so I could be the comfortable and confident mama I envisioned for my future. 

Throughout my Pinterest research, I found that there is no shortage of boho-summer inspiration, complete with cascading dresses, flower crowns, and a popping belly.  But there is much less tactical inspiration to help out us practical mamas-to-be who just want to look like we have it a little bit together in a midwest winter. 

So, for anyone else in this place, I’m going to help you out.  Here’s 5 tips to rock your maternity holiday style:

1. Keep it simple.  Although you will probably have numerous events to dress up for, from Christmas parties to baby showers, I wanted only a few pieces that I could dress up again and again.  The secret to this is keeping the styles simple.  This way you can wear each outfit multiple times without feeling like an outfit repeater (but let's be real, outfit repeating is my jam).  My tips for this are to keep the colors neutral and focus on styles that can be layered.

2. Comfort is key.  This is always true in my book but it's especially true throughout pregnancy.  Everything I put on my body MUST BE COMFY!  Styles I find the most comfortable are fitted knits and loose fitting wovens. 

3. Focus on the baby.  Fitted knits that hug your growing belly are a great way to show off that little bump.  I'm also a fan of styles that tie just above the belly.  These give you some shape instead of looking like a tent. 

4. Less is more.  I chose to invest in just two dress-up pieces that I could wear over and over.  This way I could really focus on quality when it came to my maternity holiday wear.  It's been amazing to not be dealing with pilling knits, twisting side seams and ill fitting styles while pregnant. 

5. Have fun with it!  A velvet romper is pretty out there for me, even not being pregnant.  But, how many times can you dress up a pregnant belly for the holidays? I chose a style that fits really well so I feel comfortable and confident stepping out for the holidays with some extra pizzazz. 

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