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As I write this post, we have ten days left to raise $7K.  We are well over halfway through our campaign and we are 51% funded.  

So, it’s going to be close.

I feel like the moments after I finished taking my drivers test, when the instructor and I were both sitting in the car.  Me, behind the wheel looking anxiously over at him.  Him, looking at his clipboard with a furrowed brow.  “Well,” he told me, as he calculated my score, “it’s close.”  

I did pass that drivers test, after all, but that is neither here nor there, really.  And I am coming to realize that about this campaign as well.   

Oprah says, there is no such thing as failure, really, because failure is just that thing trying to move you in another direction, so you get as much from your losses as from your victories.

And this is the head space in which I am trying to live during this time.  I am trying to just relax! Because if this is not the right thing, I know that I will find my next right move.  

If this campaign ends with a pivot in my label, without our loungewear capsule in the closets  of women who I think it would greatly serve, I will accept the outcome graciously.  Because I will know that there is a different path waiting for me.

And, I’ll be honest, it’s hard.  I have worked so hard and created something that I believe in so much, that I so badly want to share with the world.  And that’s hard to let go of.  It’s hard to accept that this might not be the right thing for me.   And that’s okay.  

If you are feeling overly stressed or anxious like I have been the past two weeks since this campaign launched, take two minutes to listen to Oprah talk about finding the next right step.  It might seriously change your perspective. 


UPDATE: two weeks later, I woke up this morning to a campaign that was 101% funded with 26 hours to go!  So a resounding THANK YOU to all who have supported me and helped me define my next step with this label!  I am beyond thankful and excited!


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  • Congratulations Meg!
    So happy for you and your team!! I am so excited to see your production unfold. Know that you are supported and loved. I can’t wait to get my bag and tops!!!! Here’s to continued success- cheers 🥂

    Becky Floersch

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