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Have you watched Marie Kondo’s Netflix show, Tidying Up, yet?  Maybe you’ve snuggled up with her book?  Either way you were probably in awe of the life changing magic of tidying up.  If you’ve seen just one episode of the show, you can see how relationships and lifestyles can improve simply by having a better relationship with your things. 

You might have thought, I want that for my life!  And you wouldn’t be alone.  Marie’s book has sold over 6 million copies to women (and men) eager to create magic in their own lives.  But whereas Marie lays out detailed steps for anyone wanting the instant gratification that comes with tidying up, the real magic of decluttering takes more dedication than a simple closet clean out. 

I love that the first category in Marie’s tidying order is clothing.  If you follow my blog, you know that I believe our clothing plays such an important role in helping us to show up as ourselves to create our best lives.  Marie lays out a strategy of decluttering that involves only keeping items in your closet that spark joy.  And of course, I agree that we should only own clothing that sparks joy.  But from my time spent curating my own dream closet and helping other women to do the same, I’ve realized that  there’s a little more strategy that goes into creating a wardrobe that truly serves us.  To create lasting change in our wardrobe and in our lives, we need to dig into Marie’s ideas about decluttering a bit further.

Here’s 3 tips to becoming your own Marie Kondo and creating a wardrobe that sparks joy:

Define your style - More often than not the items that spark joy for us in our wardrobes are the ones that fit well, feel amazing to wear, and can be worn for everything we’ll be doing throughout our day. In other words, they’re the pieces we’re always reaching for.  If you start paying attention to what these pieces are in your current wardrobe, you might realize that you have more of a curated style than you thought you did!  With the help of social media (including Pinterest) you can find more styles like the ones you’re already loving and stop wasting money, energy, and closet space on pieces that aren’t going to serve you.

Avoid dormant “loungewear” - I love this phrase of Marie’s to describe old clothing that has been saved to be worn as loungewear but never gets touched.  If you know my philosophy on clothing you know that I regard “loungewear” very highly, and actually the majority of my clothing  I consider loungewear.  My closet is filled with elevated loungewear styles and are so comfy and lounge-worthy but that are also beautiful and fit me well.  I love to wear them running errands,out to dinner, or wherever else my day takes me.  I advocate for elevated loungewear as a way to more mindfully curate women’s wardrobes because by doing this you’re basically eliminating the category of traditional loungewear all together and instead making it a functional category that you’ll spend so much time living in!

Investing in pieces you love - A lot of women feel like they can’t afford their dream wardrobe or pieces that would truly spark joy for them.  And although for some women this may be true, most of us just need to stop spending money on pieces we don’t love and start saving that money to invest in pieces we do love.  Once you define your style and pay attention to the clothing that you always want to be wearing, you’ll realize that you don’t need, or even want, all of those impulse, bargain finds.  You can redistribute the money you’re saving to your dream pieces that you’ll wear over and over again.  You can create the closet of your dreams without spending more money on your clothing!    

Wanna know more?  Download my free guide on how to create your dream wardrobe where I dig into these topics even further and give you actionable steps to get you to the closet of your dreams.

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