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Raise your hand if you have ever wanted to do something and then immediately found a million reasons why you couldn’t do it?

My hand is up!

For a while I have been following lifestyle and fashion influencers on social media.  And let’s be honest, there are a lot of them out there; a lot of women creating expectations about what a certain way of living or dressing looks like.   And although there are some that make me feel less-than (who I usually end up unfollowing) there are some women that I love to follow and learn from. 

The longer that I followed these women and felt how much served me, the more I wanted to show up better for the ladies that followed my label.  But of course, I came up with a million reasons about why I wasn’t cut out to be a style influencer. 

These included but were not limited to: I have no idea what I am doing, half the time I don’t feel comfortable in my own clothing, I’m too short, I’m too curvy, I don’t have cutting edge style, I don’t like to be in front of the camera, I live in a small town in Wisconsin, no one cares about what I am doing.

But the more I thought about it, the more I thought that there might be room for a gal like me in this space.  And perhaps I could bring something new and something that needed to be shared.

So here are the reasons why I finally decided to give it a try:

We need more representation of all shapes and sizes- I believe this will aways be true.  There are SO many different body types and each one of us has things that we love about our bodies and things that challenge us, especially when it comes to how we dress.  And as much as I have tried to fight it, dressing for your body type IS a thing.  And having representation of similar body types to ours is important.  Anytime I see a 5’2” gal with a big bust and booty really rocking her style, I know that there is so much I can learn from her to help me feel more comfortable and confident in my own style.

I learned to define my own style and I wanted to show other women they can too - We all need to start dressing for our lifestyles.  I wasn’t doing this for so long and it left me feeling like I never had anything to wear in a closet with things I never touched.  For a while I was just buying clothing that looked great on Pinterest, or was a color I liked, or was a sweater that I had loved on a FreePeople model.  But the reality was that those were not good reasons to be buying clothing and I usually ended up with clothes that weren’t working for me.  If I’m honest, most of my closet still doesn’t fit perfectly into my lifestyle but I am learning what kinds of clothing do and I am slowly rebuilding my closet to be one that I love.  There is so much joy and freedom in this way of shopping that I want to share with other women.

You can have functional, everyday style that still kicks booty -  A conversation with my friend who is a footwear designer in London proves this point beautifully.  I posted a photo of myself wearing an outfit that had been in heavy rotation for me: our black David pants, and a black sweater from one of my favorite labels, Brass.  My friend, who in my mind has all of the prestige of a London designer, told me that the outfit looked just like what she wears everyday in her London studio.  You don’t need to be wearing the latest and greatest trend to be in style, take it from a London footwear designer.

I found that getting in front of the camera is actually pretty empowering - Most of the reasons that I used to dislike photos of myself were because I lacked confidence.  I was certain that if I didn’t look a certain way that I wasn’t worthy.  And I totally still struggle with confidence sometimes! But I’ll tell you what, nothing boosts your confidence like showing up as yourself in front of the camera and just letting whatever you look like and feel like be enough. 

Gals in the midwest need style role models who they can actually see themselves in - For a long time, I thought that because I lived in the midwest people wouldn’t take me seriously or care about what I had to say, especially when it came to fashion.  And some people won’t, but that’s okay.  Because there are so many amazing women here who might not have big city dreams but who still deserve the same representation, inspiration, and recognition as those are currently being represented in style blogs. 

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