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I’m just going to come right out of the gates and say it: I, Meg Rohs, am a homebody. 

This is something that I denied about my personality for so long because, honestly, I didn’t think it was cool.  I believed the lie that my busy-ness was a badge of honor and that the more things I was running around doing, the more worthy I was.  I wanted a life full of adventure, where I would be able to talk at dinner parties about my travels and my accomplishments.

I think my innate nature of being a homebody was finally able to poke into my conscious when I became a homeowner.  It’s been almost a year since Joe and I bought our sweet home nestled outside a town of 800 people in Wisconsin. Having a place for Joe and me to call our very own is even more life-giving than I hoped it would be.  It’s a place where I can create messes in my kitchen, spend weekend mornings with coffee and a book, be playful with paints and a brush in my studio, relax with a warm bath, and express my heart through words when I sip tea and type at our kitchen table.

Home ownership was one of the things that helped me embrace my homebody-ness, but you don’t need to own a home, of course, to be a homebody.  What you do need is a space that nurtures your wild heart and encourages you to explore your curiosity.

The other thing that I needed to truly embrace being a homebody was to start prioritizing rest.  Rest is essential to wellness and it’s something that I overlooked for so long.  I didn’t realize that to truly do the hard work of mindfully building the life that I wanted, I would need to be well rested.  I’m someone who can become so stressed and overwhelmed when I don’t make time for rest and self-care.  And not only is stress devastating for my health, it also clouds my creative vision and impedes all of the good work I have left to do.

What I’ve realized since starting to lean into my homebody-ness is that I don’t need to be doing what society has told me is impressive to answer the call that’s in my heart.  I’m creating an extraordinary life in the quiet things I do every day.

I know that I’m doing what I’m called to do because I feel it every morning in my heart when I get up with my husband, before the sun comes up, and put my feet on the floor.   I cozy up with my lap top in our living room.  I sip my coffee and watch the night turn into day.  I feel so peaceful and so excited.  I think about how lucky I am that this life is mine.  That’s how I know I’m following my big, God, dreams.  And it turns out that they might not look that impressive to other people, and I’m okay with that! 

My mission is to give women who’s hearts are the same as mine tools to celebrate their homebody lifestyle.  That’s why I keep showing up to create clothing and content to serve all my fellow homebodies out there!

Want more resources on how to live your best life as a homebody?  Join our tribe of homebodies, work-from-home-warriors + slowness seekers!

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