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I’m four months into this mom thing and it fills my heart so much to finally be sharing my precious boy with friends and family.  Month four has been so fun as we ventured out to the lake, met cousins, started giggling, grabbing things, and chewing anything we can get our hands on!

My favorite thing about this age is watching my little baby grow and being able to share traditions with him that are so close to my heart.  One of the traditions that I’ve been doing since I was DJ’s age is celebrating the Fourth of July up north with my dad’s family.  Another is spending summer weekends at my grandparents cabin in Minnesota. 

Even though a 4+ hour drive is challenging with a four month old, these trips are so important to me because they are the way that DJ will know his grandpa.  By enjoying the lake he loved, spending time with the family he adored, and knowing that traditions he held close to his heart.

As DJ gets bigger, it’s so hard for me not to be able to share him with my dad.  But even though dad isn't here to be in DJ's life in the way I wanted, it's so important to me that we keep doing things that keep dad with us.

Some of the challenges of four months include navigating this in-between stage where DJ isn’t really a small baby anymore but isn’t really big enough to do a whole lot either.  Especially as we start to be more social, I’m learning how to both keep my little guy comfortable and happy and also enjoy my time with family and friends.  This means learning how to hold our routine more loosely when we’re with company and accept help without feeling like a bad mom (like when I let the cousins rock him to sleep or let grandma change all the diapers)!

Speaking of routines, I'm learning to embrace the inconsistency of this stage gracefully, emphasis on learning.  I have it on good authority that inconsistency is just part of motherhood (not just the 4 month stage, surprise) so I’d better get used to it!  Embracing inconsistency comes with varying degrees of success and is still something that is pretty challenging for me some days.  Something that’s really helped me is not trying to do too much in a day.  By not putting too much on my plate I’m able to enjoy the special moments with my baby and have space for the challenging ones when they inevitably come. 

Overall, four months has been so fun!  DJ is interacting so much more with the world around him. I absolutely love it when he smiles and giggles - he scrunches his little shoulders and his little nose and just giggles. He's also starting to get very chatty which cracks me up.

It's so unbelievably cool to watch this little baby turn into a little person. 

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