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If you have been hanging around here, I hope you have heard me talk about our capsule collection that launched today! There are so many reasons why I wanted to create this collection and so many reasons why I am really proud of it.  It represents a pivot in the Nine56 label away from creating just pretty and sustainable clothing and towards creating pretty and sustainable clothing that can be a starting point for wellness and actually facilitates our work.  There is a lot more to come about this shift and why it’s so important to me.  But I wanted to focus this post on our pre-sales launch and how it will work.  

 Today we launched pre-sales for our 6-piece capsule on Kickstarter.  Kickstarter is a global crowdfunding platform that helps creatives fund  projects.  For a smaller clothing label like me, launching a pre-sales campaign on Kickstarter means that we can sell our product and make sure there is a need for it before we front all of the production costs.  From today (September 27th) through October 26th you will be able to buy all six pieces of our capsule collection on Kickstarter at a 30% discount for what the pieces will sell for on our online shop.  The money from your purchase goes towards funding our production run.  

To fund the production of this capsule I need $15,000.  This money is for the cost of fabric and materials, cutting and sewing, packaging, shipping.  Kickstarter operates on an all-or-nothing model.  This means that if we don’t earn enough money to fund our production during our month of pre-sales, we don’t get any of the money and you don’t get any of the products you ordered.  This is done to protect the backers (those of you who buy a garment during our pre-sales) and to protect us.  If we were to only raise half of the money we need and are still expected to deliver garments to those of your who backed our campaign, we would have some big problems!

If you order from us during our pre-sales campaign, you should know a couple of things.  First of all, we need you! It is so important for our label to grow that we have backers who believe in us and our mission and who can’t wait to have our pieces be a part of their lives.  It is also important to know that your card will not be charged until the end of our pre-sales campaign and only if we are fully funded.  If we earn all of the money that we need to go into production by October 26th, you card will be charged and we will get busy creating our beautiful products for you.  You can expect to hear updates from us as we make your pieces with behind the scenes peeks at what goes into each style.  Your garments will arrive on your doorstep in early February.  

We are so excited to bring these products into your lives, but we need your help to do it!

Now that all of the logistics are out of the way, let’s get onto the fun stuff!

Here is every piece that is part of our capsule collection:


The Canvas Tote features our Wild Woman print.  This tote is perfect for a trip to the famers market or a lazy day at the beach.  It features our original print designed by Kristina Walsh. 


The Anna is the perfect layering tee.  It is fitted to the body without being clingy or too long.  Made from oh-so-soft BambooViscose Jersey, the Anna is a dream to snuggle in a sweater with, to rock underneath a blazer, or to simply wear on its own. 


Joseph V-Neck Top is simple Luxury that will take you anywhere.  Our Linen V-neck top features a wide sleeve and high-low hem.  It can be tucked, tied, or draped.  This will be a top you reach for over and over again for how perfectly suited it is for any occasion. 


I melt for the details of this tunic.  The split v-neck, center bust darts, and high-low hem pair perfectly together bringing a uniqueness to this understated silhouette. The effortless drape of the Deann will have you breezing around your kitchen (or your office) all day long. 


This fitted knit is stunning on its own and is also so fun to layer with. It features a back opening with a hook and eye closure and a back vent.  With bust darts and a waist seam, this dress will fit you like a glove (without clinging) and be something you never want to take off.


The lightweight David pant has nothing but the essentials of a perfect everyday pant: inset pockets, comfortable elastic waistband, easy drape.  These pants feel like pajamas and are ready for you workplace. 


This lightweight jacket feels like your favorite old flannel disguised as a polished blazer.  It features a wide collar and inside binding detail.   The relaxed silhouette in a drapey twill will have you ready to curl up with a good book or pour yourself some coffee and tackle that to-do list (whichever the day requires).

And there you have it friends, our six lounge-worthy pieces (and a tote) that can be mixed and matched to present you like the girl-boss you are! These are the perfect pieces to help you build a simpler wardrobe and a simpler life.  They create a fresh slate from which to put your best foot forward to first serve yourself so you can better serve those around you.

HERE is a link to shop all of the pieces on Kickstarter and learn more about our mission!

Please help bring this collection to life by sharing this campaign with your friends!


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