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I have a secret, your belly isn’t the only thing that’s growing during pregnancy.  These past 7 months have held some crazy personal growth in which I’ve entertained the opposing thoughts of both, I don’t even recognize who I am anymore, and, this is exactly who I want to be.

I’ve realized that the weight of these two mindsets has been dependent on a few different factors: the pace at which I was living my life, the demands I was putting on myself, and the environment I was surrounding myself with.

If there was one thing that negatively impacted all three, it was the “do it tired” mantra that I used to push through an over-packed to-do list.

Let’s be honest, I never do my best work when I’m tired anyway. And especially being pregnant, I learned quickly that the only thing I was going to be doing tired was napping.  But the magic happened when I became okay with that, and even welcomed it.   

I realized when I was feeling the worst, it was when I was trying to keep up with a certain pace of life, check X amount of things off my to-do list, gauge my preparedness to bring a new life into the world using metrics like my baby registry, the nursery color, and my nursing plan. 

And when I’m feeling my best?  I bet you can guess.  It’s when I let all of that go and simply slow down to enjoy my pregnancy.

This looks like taking Epsom Salt baths, doing my prenatal work-outs, reading books about nursing, cooking myself nourishing meals, practicing my pregnancy meditation, sewing drapes for baby’s room, cleaning the kitchen.  And knowing that I’m doing these things for my own personal fulfillment, not because they are necessary for me to be a good mom, was a revelation that changed everything for me. 

When I slow down I’m not only able to love myself and my body better.  I’m slowing down to love my baby better, love my husband better, and love my family better.

Of course there feels like a mountain of things that I want to get done before baby joins us earth-side but I’ve been really leaning into this quote by John Mark Comer that there is very little that can be done with hurry that can’t be done better without it.

How true is that?

And I want to do this important work of preparing for baby the best that I can.  So my secret to staying (mostly) confident and calm during this time has been not to hurry up so I can get it all done and be perfectly prepared for baby.  Instead, it’s the opposite.  I’m letting go of everything that doesn’t make me feel peaceful and instead I’m enjoying and focusing on the things that do. Because those are the things that are going to help me be the best mom I can be. 

Working from a place of rest and not stress has been essential for me in pregnancy.  And by loving from a place of slowness and not hurry I feel so excited and ready to welcome baby into this home and into this life.

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