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The thing that I’m most excited about for my postnatal wardrobe is color. I've been living in grays, whites, and blacks for the most part of the last nine months. This is because I wanted to have a small capsule maternity wardrobe that really worked for my every day life.  But I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money, energy, and time on it.  You can read more about my maternity wardrobe HERE.

I have nothing against neutrals. Quite the opposite actually. I love that by keeping my wardrobe primarily neutral, it allows me to mix and match all the pieces in my closet, making fewer pieces go further. This also makes getting dressed really easy and mornings in general really easy and I love that.

But a lot of times when women are trying to pair down their wardrobe and be really intentional with their pieces, they end up with a wardrobe that is all blacks, whites, grays, and all the neutrals.  This happens because they want pieces they can wear over and over again.  Which makes sense.  But suddenly they’re like, where is the color? Where is the personality?  Where is the life that used to be in my wardrobe?

As I step into what a capsule wardrobe looks like for me in this new season of life as a work- from-home mama, I’ve realized that it really needs to include color. I'm not talking fuchsia pinks and all jewel tones over here but I’ve learned that the black on black on black uniform day after day just doesn’t work for me.

And that’s totally okay!

The secret to making color work in a capsule wardrobe is incorporating colors that act as neutrals. This doesn't mean that every single color in your wardrobe needs to be muted or an earth tone. It just means that most of the colors in your closet should be colors that can be paired with other colors. 

For example, you could have a really great gray sweater and terra-cotta pants that act as your core base pieces and then have pieces like scarves or socks or a layering tee that are bright blues, deep greens, or soft pinks, whatever your jam is.  And it's likely that those accent colors will go with a lot of your neutral base pieces. 

This makes it a lot easier to have colorful outfits that represent your personality without having to reinvent the wheel every time and constantly feel like you need to invest in new pieces to keep your wardrobe fresh. 

For my own wardrobe, I'm focusing on colors like Rust, Terra-cotta, Powder Pink, Mist Gray, and Ecru to serve as those base neutral colors that can be mixed with a lot of different colors and create a myriad of outfits.

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  • yes, it’s just mom……sorry honey…….I came across a message you had on your steel boards that I wanted to remind you of:

    “Success consists of going from failure to failure WITHOUT LOSS OF ENTHUSIASM"


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