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We all know the routine.  The one where we try to clean out our closets.  This will be the time, we tell ourselves. We are sure that this time around we will finally clean our closets and they will become glorious havens that harbor all of our most perfect clothing.  

It took a lot of trials and a lot of chats with women much smarter than me to figure out why my big closet clean-outs never actually ended up this way.  It was not for lack of effort!  I was working hard to clean out that closet of mine, time and time again.  But I wasn’t working smart.  I wasn’t digging into the WHY behind some clothing working for me and some clothing not.

But here I am, preaching my closet success, so are you ready for the big secret that changed everything for me?  I started thinking about my lifestyle needs and what I needed my clothing to do for me.  I realized that super cute knit tank top was not fitting into my lifestyle needs, and neither was that rouched tube top I bought to make my ex-boyfriend jealous years ago.  

Once I started looking at my daily routines and what I was spending most of my time doing, I started realizing that the majority of the clothing in my closet wasn’t serving as a tool to get my biggest goals accomplished.  And you have heard me say it, your clothing should be a tool that facilitates your work!  

But what does this actually mean?  

I made a couple of lists to show what it looks like in my life to have a closet full of clothing that actually serves me.  

Reasons why I used to keep clothing in my closet:

  1. I looked really cute in a photo that I took when I was wearing this top three years ago
  2. I saw someone else wearing something like this dress and it looked so good on them 
  3. My mom gave this to me as a gift and I don’t want to hurt her feelings by getting rid of it
  4. I want to look like the FreePeople models so this sweater will help with that
  5. I really want these shorts to fit me again so I can feel good about myself 

Reasons why I now keep clothing in my closet:

  1. This top is something that I am always reaching for 
  2. These pants are comfortable and make me feel like a girlboss
  3. I feel like I can get all my work done and be cozy when I am snuggled up in this sweater
  4. This dress makes me feel totally confident and ready to rock my day 
  5. These pants fit me well! I love the way I feel when I wear them.

Can you see the difference?  

Another requirement for all of my clothing now is easy care.  Because I don’t want to be spending my time on dry-clean only.  If that baby can’t be machine washed (delicate) and tumbled dried (low) then I am never going to wear it anyway and there is not room in my closet for things I am not going to wear!

If you are ready to start considering your lifestyle needs and what clothing you need to show up as yourself to accomplish your big and little goals, download my FREE guide on how to create a capsule wardrobe that actually serves you!

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