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Having lived in the midwest my whole life, I am very familiar with the change of seasons.  I also am familiar with the appetite for renewal that rises up in me when the weather changes.  For so long, my routine was the same.  I packed up my old clothing and other belongings that were no longer serving me and I would begin the search for newer, fresher pieces to replace the old.  I had high expectations for my new clothing.  The right pieces would make me cooler, happier, able to show up for adventure. 

But the weight and staleness associated with my purged clothing would always re-emerge the next season from the shirts and dresses that had once held so much promise.  I would get the itch to replenish my wardrobe with newer pieces once again.  And the cycle continued.

For the Nine56 spring collection I focused on designing a handful of fresh-feeling garments that are versatile enough to exist through many seasons.  Each piece lives in the balance of beauty and function with the hopes that it will live in your closet for many years. 

The rich earth tones and lightweight fabrics in the collection are reminiscent of wildflowers that speckle the country side with brilliance.  Each fabric has a texture and tone so that it could have just been pulled from the vast prairie.  The details of ties that are seen throughout the collection are representative of the long gentle stems of wild flowers drifting in the wind.  

I had so many ideas for this collection.  I even sampled a few, including a silk romper and ruffle skirt (that I am in love with and might show up in other ways down the road).  But I decided to move into spring production with only the pieces I knew my ladies would love.  The two main elements that decided if each style would make it into the collection were versatility and ease of wear.  All of the garments are washable and can be styled in so many ways.  

The Gilman top is the only top that can’t be machine washed (although I am in the belief that the delicate setting on the washing machine counts as hand-washing!) I throw mine in on the delicate setting and tumble try low.  The Gilman is made from a sueded silk that is absolutely dreamy.  It is so soft and color reminds me of the gentle wisps of pink that paint the sky before sunset.  This silk as about as practical as a silk can be.  However, the price point and care of this fabric isn’t currently facilitating the lifestyle of my Nine56 gals. As of now, this is the last collection this sueded silk will be offered in.

So if you love this fabric like I do, scoop up a Gilman top this season.  If you would like to see this fabric or more silks show up in future collections, let me know!  And don’t worry your sweet minds too much because this style is one of my favorites and will be back in a different fabric in future collections!

For upcoming collections, I am excited to focus my attention on more fabrics like the breezy cotton Poplin of the Waylon jumpsuit.  The Waylon is a stand-out style with a synced waist, wide legs and straps that tie into a back bow.  

You will also be seeing a lot more of the soy/organic-cotton blend French Terry from the Nora Top.  What I love most about this knit fabric is that is allows a garment to be fitted without being clinging.  And what’s better than a flattering and comfortable top? 

One of my favorite things to do when sharing about a collection is to callout my favorite details.  Because I focus on minimal designs, every detail in a garment is precious and I have great affection for each of them!  I love the armhole darts and neck tie of the Elroy top.  The armhole darts provide the perfect amount of shaping to flatter the bust and along with the tie, give this top a lot of character.  My other favorite details are the darts in the Eden Dress.  These bust darts are in the center front seam of the dress and provide interest and function to the otherwise minimal and clean silhouette.  I also love the spilt-v neck of the Eden Dress!

Although I have been swooning over the details in my woven garments, it would be a disservice not to mention the darts in the Verona top.  Yes, I put darts in a knit garment! What can I say, I am relentless about creating a well-fitting garment.  Perhaps the saying should be darts are a girls best friend? In all seriousness, it is the darts and peplum in this top that (in my humble opinion) make it the most versatile garment in the collection.  This top could easily be worn for weekend casual or dressed up with a jacket.

Curious what all my dart adulation is about?


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