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“We probably won't be able to sleep in for a very long time” I told my husband as our alarm was going off at 4:30 AM on Monday after a weekend where we didn't get as much sleep as we wanted.  And then I smiled.  Because for as tiring, overwhelming, and confusing as it is being new parents, this is a season that I’m so grateful for.   

Raising up this little human is such a whirlwind and I feel like I’m exhausted from all the trial and error (and googling).  But I wouldn’t trade this time for anything.  This is a season where we chase a little butt across the nursery floor and we hear the patter of knees and hands on our wood floors as our baby boy learns to crawl. It's a season of the best baby snuggles and diaper changes turned wrestling matches. It's a season of giggles that melt my heart and of laughing until we cry with our silly little man.  I feel so unbelievably lucky to be in this season and hopefully to enjoy this season for a long time as we grow our family.

I’ve been loving nine months. Everyone told me that it would get so much harder when DJ was mobile but I actually love that he can crawl. Sure, it means he's getting into everything. Yes, he's pulling self up onto all furniture in sight. Of course, he has a fascination with grabbing the Christmas tree. But I just love that he can move and explore on his own. He is such an adventurous baby.  His most recent adventures have been learning how to swing open the pantry door and climb up the stairs….

DJ is growing like a weed. He's eating solids all by himself and he’s a wild man when he’s in his highchair. He grunts for more food when his mouth is already full he hits his hand on his tray as if demanding more. I'm telling you, this kid has to work on his patience.  Some of my favorite things of this stage are watching him explore, playing peek-a-boo with grandma over FaceTime, laughing with him, and watching him play with his dad.

Want to swap stories?  I'll share about my simple life as a creative homemaker and small town mama and I'd love to learn and be inspired by you too.

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