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We are so stinking excited that you loved our loungewear capsule that launched on Kickstarter this year.  We can’t wait to roll into 2019 with more elevated loungewear styles in the works.  But the thing that really lights us up about what’s coming in the new year, is how we are restructuring (just a little) the way we do things around here to better help you define your style and own it!  Because that’s what’s really important to us, helping strong women feel comfortable and confident in their clothing (and their lifestyles) so that they can show up as themselves and bring so much light to the world around them. 

Here’s how we’ll help you own your style in 2019:

Continue to create styles that you love. Our best sellers from our Kickstarter campaign were our David Pant, our Anna Mock-Neck, and our Thomas Jacket.  And when you tell us that you like something, we listen!  We are currently carrying these styles in our online shop and we are keeping them in mind as we brainstorm styles for next year!

Switch to launching product via pre-sales. In the new year, we will be switching to launching all of our new styles through pre-sales on our online shop.  This means that we will only move into production with styles that you have told us you love.  We are so excited about this model, not only for how it will allow us to have less inventory laying around, but for how we will be able to work with you to decide which pieces come to life!

Get help from our customers to design new styles. Because we have such a tight team working from idea to final product, we don’t have to develop product years in advance like most fashion companies.  That means that we can design the styles that you need right now and get them into your closets.  At the end of this post, there’s a link to the survey for our next styles.  We would love for you to spare 2 minutes to fill out the survey and help us design the styles coming in 2019!

Launch styles one at a time. Instead of launching a whole season at a time, we are making the switch to releasing just one new product at at time. This will allow us to give every style the attention it deserves and show you all the ways you can wear and love your new piece!  We believe in adding to our wardrobes gradually, one garment at a time, so it makes sense that our product releases reflect that too!

Send more surveys!  We are all about delivering clothing and resources that serve you!  But first we need to know what you are looking for, what your pain points are, and where we can help!  A great way for us to do that is through surveys.  Expect to see more surveys in the new year asking for feedback on products you own, ideas on styles you would love, and just general check ins about how you are connecting with our label.  And all of our surveys offer a pretty sweet gift at the end to thank you for your time :)

Create more free guides! I love to create free content for you guys about how to live simply and mindfully.  I have some really great content in the works that I can’t wait to share with you around topics like defining your style, creating mindful routines, and detoxing your household and beauty products.  To make sure you don’t miss any of our free content, sign up for our email list HERE!

Share my style.  In 2019, I am committing to sharing more of my everyday style with you and I will talk more about this in upcoming posts.  If you are interested in learning why I am so passionate about this and how it fits into our brand, read THIS POST about how I found out my style was worth sharing.

Sharing other bands that we love (clothing and wellness related).  Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, what really lights me up is giving women tools for wellness.  At Nine56, we see every single garment we create as a tool for wellness.  But we know that there are so many more tools needed to build a healthy life.  That’s why I am really excited to be sharing more about the products I have found, use, and love. From Bee’s Wrap to MeUndies, I’ll be sharing it all!

Help me design the next styles for Nine56 by taking this short survey HERE (it only takes 2 minutes and at the end there’s a discount code to receive 10% off any purchase!)

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