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I have so many favorites for this age. Some of them include his big gummy smile (with two bottom teeth), when he makes facial expressions that make him look just like his dad, when he goes crazy bouncing in his exersaucer, when he talks to us, when he rolls around in our bed sheets after I change his diaper, watching him play by himself and discover new things, when he snuggles his mama.  We both love going on walks together in the crisp fall air. Being outside is still one of his absolute favorite things.  I love ending every day snuggling him into bed with his Lovey and his nook. Seven months is so fun I'm soaking in every moment.

He’s already so determined and has such a big personality.  He’s always exploring and getting into things.  I can’t even imagine how crazy life will be when he really starts crawling.  For now, he’s rolling and scooting his way to anywhere he wants to be.  He loves interacting with his mama and anyone around him, although he’s very shy at first and smiles at people he’s not familiar with from underneath his crazy long eye lashes.

He is such a good eater.  He loves rice cereal and squash.  I’ve been using the Baby Bullet to make all his food and although it’s time consuming, I really enjoy knowing exactly where his food came from. His bottom two teeth finally poked through after months of trying. I seriously thought we weren't going to live to see them.  And now we only have a mouth full left.

I can’t believe that my baby boy is closer to being a one-year-old than a newborn.  I’m really trying to slow down to enjoy every single second with our sweet DJ.  Even though I miss the skin to skin cuddles with my newborn babe, I’m loving being able to have a relationship with him. That’s something that I really missed in the first few months of his life when we were busy taking care of him and getting into the swing of doing life together.  I think new moms need to give themselves so much grace because we're taking care of these sweet little babies and it's exhausting.  And although there's those precious moments with newborns, they just become so much more frequent and rewarding as your sweet babe gets old enough to love you back.  I’m really loving seeing our relationship grow and watching his relationship with his dad, grandparents, and close family.  I'm looking so forward to fall with my sweet babe and having our first Christmas as a family of three.  Hello matching Christmas PJs :)


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