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photo by Kellie Hayden

It’s been the hot topic on my blog lately, work-from-home uniforms.  And here’s why: whether you’re an entrepreneur, a stay at home mama, a remote employee, or a gal with a side hustle, you need to be productive with your time at home.  And clothing is a helpful tool for this that’s so often overlooked.  But the truth is, clothing matters when it comes to how you feel and how you show up.  So let’s dig into the 5 ways that what you wear can make you more productive:    

It’s the first decision you make in a day. Or at least one of the first!  By having your go to uniform made up of pieces you know you’ll be comfortable and confident in all day, you can make an easy decision first thing in the morning.  By eliminating the stress that usually comes with getting dressed, you can create space for a peaceful and productive day.

It sets the tone for how you’ll show up.  I’m just going to say it like it is with this one: if we can’t invest in how we’re going to show up, then how are we going to do our best work when we show up? I mean really?  If you invest in what you’re wearing and how you’re approaching your work, the chances of that work being your best are so much higher!

It creates structure for your day.  By clothing being one of the first choices we make in a day, it’s also our first opportunity to build structure into our day.  One of the biggest challenges I ran into when I started working from home was that my days had no structure.  One hour slide into the next until it was 6pm and I was wondering what the heck I even got done that day.  By having certain clothes you wear for certain parts of your day, you’re setting the tone for what follows.  Workout clothes are a perfect example of this.  You can also make space for rest through your clothing.  Maybe you spend an extra 15 minutes in your pajamas every morning reading or journaling.  Enjoy that important slow time and then get dressed and get to work! 

It creates an environment for flow.  Do you have a ritual that you do before you sit down to get some serious work done?  Maybe you fill your coffee, turn on some smooth jazz, light a candle?  Weather you’re aware of it or not, clothing is 1000% part of your environment and can contribute positively or negativity to that flow state when the work your putting out is so good and coming so easily to you.  And we all want that!   

It reminds you you’re worthy.  So often we spend our days comparing ourselves to others and feeling like we’re not enough.  I do it too.  But, friend, this is a tragic waste of our energy that could be spent digging in and investing in our own best lives.  When you dress in something that makes you feel good, that you’ve invested in-just for you, it’s a little reminder all day long that you’re worthy because you keep showing up. 

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