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The spring before I moved back home after college, I went to Target and bought a handful of $7 t-shirts that I have rotated through for the past few summers. 

I love to design thoughtful and original clothing but up until recently (and I am totally still guilty of this at times) I pull out the same few t-shirts and jeans as my go to uniform.  And let me tell you, those Target shirts are on their last legs.  Pilling, holey, and stretched, my norm-core tees need an upgrade. 

Now that I have transitioned to a capsule wardrobe, each new piece I am adding needs to really deserve it’s spot.  So I did a little research to find ethical labels that I thought had the best t-shrts.  And here’s what I found:

Everlane- Everlane is a huge player the ethical fashion world.  The company was build on great basics and transparency.  They have a cost break down on their website of what goes into making their products.  You can also find scenes from their factories all over the world when browsing their site.  Everlane commits to using high quality materials that are made to last.  You can find awesome basics here for a very reasonable price.  

Groceries Apparel- Groceries is a unique company because they manufacture in their own Los Angeles, CA factory.  Having their own factory means that they ensure their standards are fully executed.  They maximize quality by owning a lot of their supply chain and keeping it local.  Their vertically-integrated model also allows them to pay their employees fairly and reduces waste and their carbon footprint.

Marine Layer- I bought my first Marine Layer piece this spring when I was in Chicago.  It is the best!  The company was built around absurdly soft shirts and a laid back style.  Their fabrics are made from recycled beechwood which has a self-sufficient production process making their tees sustainable and eco-friendly.  Most of their products are made in California and the products that aren’t are produced in factories overseas with sewers who work in the same ethical and sustainable standards.  

Known Supply-Known Supply Co celebrates the people who make their clothes.  You can take a look inside of each of their factories on their website and meet the women who work there.  Some of the factories even provide free child care while the women are working.  Each Known Supply product is accompanied by the signature of the person who made it.  I am in love with the mission of this company and to top it off they also make great basic tees and tanks!

Tradelands- Tradlands creates timeless and comfortable pieces that a mom can pass down to her daughter or a daughter can borrow from her mom.  Tradelands knows that as women, we need clothing that can keep up with us!  That’s why they make clothing from tough materials like chambray and Tencel.  Partnering with boutique clothing manufacturers all over the world that hold social welfare and production quality to high standards, Tradeland pieces are created slowly and sustainably.  These are tees that will last the seasons with you!


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