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I’ll be honest, there have been moments in my pregnancy when I’ve felt more like a sophomore warming up pizza in her college dorm than a proud mama-to-be preparing my mind, heart, body, and career for baby.

These moments usually occur on laundry day when I’m stuck wearing my stretched out leggings and pulling baggy sweatshirts over my belly.  Unfortunately, for a lot of mamas who work from home, this college throw-back becomes their go-to pregnancy uniform because they don’t want to invest time or money into clothing that will be “worn for such a short time and no one will see anyway”.  Does this sound familiar?

The good news is you can create a mindful and productive maternity work-from-home wardrobe with just a few basic pieces.  Here’s what you’ll need:

Layering tees.  This is where it all begins, with a simple tee.  Though-out my pregnancy, I’ve invested in several colors of layering tees including white, black, gray, and blue.  Although I’ve kept my tees pretty neutral, these can be a great place to add color to your maternity wardrobe.  I wear one of these tees every single day and they are the foundation for all my outfits.

Great leggings.  Leggings have been the MVP of my work-from-home maternity wardrobe.  I prefer the kind with a big waistband that pulls over belly (but can also be folded down to wear after pregnancy).  Boob Design has a great version of these.  I also really love my Blanqi leggings that have built-in back support.

Supportive slippers.  I notice such a difference in how my back feels if I wear slippers with a supportive sole versus walking around in my socks all day.  On days when I feel like I need extra support, I’ll wear my shoes in the house.  But most days my slippers are just perfect (and super cozy). I especially love the soles on my Minnetonka Moccasins.

Cardigan or wrap.  The best part about cardigans is that you probably already had a few in your closet.  When my belly started popping, I seriously upped by cardigan game because they became the perfect piece to layer over my tees and leggings.  I also have really been enjoying wearing my Nine56 wrap sweatshirt because it closes in the front but still shows off my belly.  An added bonus to this top is that it will transition into a great nursing piece. 

Over-the-head sweater.  I like to find styles that can also be worn for breast feeding.  An example of this is a sweater with open sides like this one from Boob Design.  I love my over-the-head sweaters because they add extra coziness to those days when I really just need to lean in and get some work done.  It’s nice to mix these up with my cardigans so I feel like I have some variety in my wardrobe.

A combination and variety of these pieces is seriously all I’ve been wearing as my belly keeps getting bigger and I have felt so inspired and refreshed by my maternity wardrobe. 

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