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Five months with our sweet David Joseph.

I'm learning to embrace the inconsistency of this stage gracefully, emphasis on ‘learning’.  I have it on good authority that inconsistency is just part of motherhood (not just the 5 month stage, surprise) so I’d better get used to it!  

Embracing inconsistency comes with varying degrees of success and is still something that is pretty challenging for me some days.  But I’m working on not putting so much on my plate so that I can enjoy all the snuggles, kisses, and silly moments with my sweet babe.  And show up as my best for the hard moments, like when he’s not sleeping, being a distracted eater, over-tired, or teething (just to name a few)!

Joe’s been working away from home so our little peanut and I have been traveling to spend time with family while he’s gone.

It’s been so fun finally introducing our baby to some very special people in our life and getting to enjoy summer with close family.

If I’m honest, we’ve lost any semblance of a schedule in these weeks but I know that fall will come soon enough and we’ll settle into our daily routine with just the two of us.

The one area I am trying to have a schedule is with sleep.  We’re sleep training!  It’s been tough but it was going well.  After four nights that were a struggle, we had three amazing nights of 11 hours of sleep straight!  Of course, this mama was waking up every two hours anyway but I was finally starting to feel like we had conquered this nighttime sleep thing….and then he started teething.  And as I sit here typing this I’m saying a prayer that those teeth poke through overnight and we have our happy baby back. 

If month five has taught me anything, it’s to just roll with it.  Not try to make it perfect.  Not try to plan it to a tee.  Not try to rush through the hard parts.  Just enjoy these special, fleeting days with my baby boy.

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