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I’ll be honest, I’m a huge fan of naps and snacks.  Seriously, before it was a thing, this has been where my heart lies.  The first weekend Joe came to visit me in college his report back to his family was “Meg really likes snacks and she really likes taking naps!”  So, in that way, pregnancy has been a time for me to shine. 

But during this time of growing a baby in my belly, I felt like it was more important than ever that I was nourishing my body well.  So I chose to be super intentional with my snack choices. Of course, cheesy Ruffles and mint M&M’s were enjoyed here and there.  But for the most part, I tried to focus on snacks that were both yummy and delicious.  I think these snacks will also be great postpartum.  I’m hoping to breastfeed so I’ll need all the fuel I can get to share with baby!

These are my 5 favorite pregnancy snacks:

Avocado Pudding - Avocados are good for baby’s developing brain and are great protein for mama.  Definitely make this in a small blender (I use my Nutribullet) because it only makes a serving size (or two).  This is the perfect thing to have your partner make ahead and leave for you as a nice treat (someone please tell Joe)!  It’s super easy to make and only a few ingredients

Coconut Macaroons - I try to stick to a mostly gluten free diet so Macaroons are a great sweet treat, especially when I’m trying to stay away from chocolate.  Coconut is a good source of fiber which is important during pregnancy.  I can eat so many of these in one sitting!

Oranges -Vitamin C is good for mama and baby and oranges just taste so dang good!  I’m no nutritionalist, but I’ve been informed that pairing a sugar (like an orange) with a protein (like hard boiled eggs or nuts) is the way to go.  So hard boiled eggs and oranges have been my go-to afternoon snack as of late.

Trail mix- This is a really handy snack to have mixed up to take to doctors appointments or for your on-the-go days.  I can’t get too healthy with my Trail Mix, or I won’t eat it.  So I make sure to include plantains (or banana chips), dried goji berries  (or cranberries), and chocolate chips in mine. 

Banana Bread - I try to make this over the weekend so that I have it as a go-to during the week.  Truth be told, I’ve been craving all the carbs this pregnancy so having a healthier version of my fav bready treats has been very necessary.  I’ve been adding Chia seeds to this recipe for that good ol’ fiber I was talking about earlier.  I also like to spread Lactose Free cream cheese on top of my bread to get that calcium, protein, and fat-soluble vitamins!

If you’re looking for a great resource for how to eat during pregnancy, I highly recommend Real Food For Pregnancy by Lily Nichols.  There is so much goodness in this book but, be warned, it’s A LOT of information.  I had to take a bread from reading it during my first trimester because all I could think about was Mac and Cheese and the last thing I wanted to feel was guilt about my eating choices!  But I’m so happy I dove back in once I was feeling a little better because it’s made a really big difference on my pregnancy diet.

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