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I know a minimal wardrobe is a big commitment and there are a lot of feelings involved, some not so pleasant. Like fear of not having enough when you let go, guilt of facing all of the money you spent on things you never wear, and frustration that you seem to always be ‘cleaning out your closet’. But on the other side there are so many benefits that make it all worth it.  Let me share three of them with you.

1. Joy of loving every piece that you own - Once you limit what you allow to be in your wardrobe, every piece really needs to work hard to be there.  For example, everything I now own is comfortable, I can wash easily, it fits me well, I can hop on Skype and feel presentable to the world in it, I feel like I am in a power-suit and pajamas at the same time, and it was made ethically.  Because not too many pieces of clothing can fill this tall order, my closet it curated to those select pieces that actually serve me.  And they served the producers and planet that made them by being made ethically and sustainably.  I am able to invest in high quality pieces that I love because instead of having 130 pieces in my closet, I only have 30

2. Ease of more simple mornings - Let me share a little scenario of what dressing myself looked like before I simplified my wardrobe (tell me if any of this sounds familiar).  I would look into my closet, spot a top that I hadn’t worn in a while, and think: I like that…it looks kind of good… I wish it looked a little more like that one I saw on Instagram yesterday, then I would love it.  But I would put the top on anyway, not really feeling too confident in it because it was from two seasons ago and I had picked it up on the discount rack as an impulse grab.  It was a little too long and the neck was a bit too wide.  So I would try on a couple more tops, just to see if any of those felt better, but they wouldn’t.  So I would be back to first top, now having spent the better part of 10 minutes making this should-be simple decision and I would start my day not feeling dressed to tackle any of it.  These days, I open my closet, grab a top (I could probably do this with my eyes closed because all of my pieces go together).  I put it on.  It feels luxurious and fits great.  And I walk out of there feeling like an absolute girlboss who is ready to rock

3. Peace from feeling that you have enough - It is so easy to look at our clothing as a measuring tool.  If I buy this trendy dress then I will be cool.  If I have this many shoes then I will be happy.  If I keep buying more then I will always have enough.  But, friends, these are all lies that leave us feeling like we don’t have enough or that we aren’t enough the way we are right now.  Once I let go of the fear of not having enough, I felt free from all of those expectations that I was putting on my clothing.  I was able to focus on buying pieces that served me and allowed me to show up as myself, not all of the other versions of myself that society tempted me to be. 

Want to see for yourself what I am talking about? Download my free guide on how to actually make a capsule wardrobe work for you!


  • So much of this resonates, Meg! Everything you said I agree with.


  • Well said.. and yes, a little frightening but worth it


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