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Oh my gosh, I don’t think I could ever to that, she said to me after I described how I clean our cloth diapers.  And I laughed because I used to think that too.  But then I learned that disposable diapers take 500 years to decompose in a landfill.  I got to thinking about the thirty plus diapers that we use a week and I pictured them just sitting in a landfill somewhere.  I started thinking: what if I just tried? What if I just started learning more about what cloth diapers would look like for our family. I realized that because I get to be home with my baby all day and because we have a washing machine, cloth diapers were something that I could totally handle.  And you might be able to also.  So here’s 3 reasons why you can totally handle cloth diapers:

1. You’re smart.  These aren’t the cloth and safety pin diapers that your grandma used.  While the adjustable snaps, different layers, and many sizes make cloth diapers much more manageable, they also make them more confusing.  But you’re a smart mama and you’ve got this.  I was so overwhelmed when I first started looking into cloth diapers.  Because despite what you might think there are actually a lot of brands offering cloth and many different ways to do it.  After a lot of research and testing out a few brands, I found Esemby diapers and I’m in love.  Esembly walks you through how to clean diapers in a painless way and they even provide you with detergent and agitators to make it super simple to clean your diapers.  They offer two sizes which is very manageable and budget friendly (you don’t have to keep buying bigger diapers as your baby grows) but also makes it so that a newborn isn’t drowning in diapers that also can fit a much older baby.  If you're looking for great cloth diapers, please check out Esembly and if you love them, use the code Nine56* at check out for 10% off your purchase (I make a small commission on any products referred by me).

2. Your baby won’t be able to tell the difference between cloth and disposable.  At least this was true for my baby.  Although cloth is an adjustment for mom and dad, your baby probably won’t even know the difference.  It’s true that cloth diapers need to be changed more often because they don’t have the moisture wicking capabilities of disposables and that, yeah, sometimes you’ll have to wipe poop off your diapers.  But Esembly has a flushable liner (that we dispose of because we have a septic system) that usually catches all the poop so it’s very easy to just pick up the liner with all the poop inside.  For me, these small inconveniences are so worth knowing that our organic cotton cloth diapers aren’t putting any chemicals against our baby’s skin and that we’re able to keep reusing our diapers over and over to save not only money in the long run, but lessen our environmental footprint too.

3. You know it’s not all or nothing.  We don’t use cloth 100% of the time.  When we travel on the weekends, I opt for our disposable diapers.  We also put a disposable diaper on DJ for overnight.  We could be a family who uses cloth all of the time but that’s not very realistic for us right now and that’s okay!  Every time I hang DJ’s clean cloth diapers on the clothes line and fold them into his drawer, I think of the diapers that aren’t going into the landfill.  It’s so rewarding to create a cyclical diapering system that keeps us from consuming new diapers every day.

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