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I don’t know about you, but after this holiday week I feel sugar (and wine) logged, sluggish, and ready for a nap all day every day!  I love spending time with family and celebrating during the holidays but there is something to be said about the fresh start found in taking down the christmas cards, hauling the tree out to the curb, and getting organized to start the new year.  If you know me at all, you know how pumped up I get by setting goals and making an action plan!  If one of  your goals for 2019 is to clean up your home and lifestyle, this post is for you.  Here a three places to think about getting started and some easy tips to help you do just that!

3 Places to Clean Up In the New Year:

Your pantry- It’s really no surprise that the foods we put into our body matter.  But it continues to surprise me how dang hard it can been to continuously keep making healthy choices for my family (and not have healthy eating totally take over my life).  I have found that a big trick here is to stock my pantry with the right stuff!  For me this looks like removing all (well, most) of the canned foods that used to live there and replacing them will the real deal.  I started with soups!  Soup is something I would always grab for a quick cozy, winter meal.  And I still do!  The only difference is that now, I take the time to batch make soup ahead of time and freeze it!  This way I still have those quick, easy meals ready to go for the week but they are made with fresh, good-for-us, ingredients. If you have a couple days off this week and want to set yourself up for healthy choices on Jan 1, HERE is a great recipe to start with!  I like to add noodles to this and it’s seriously the best chicken noodle soup I’ve ever had.  This year, I want to take my batch cooking a step further and get all my ingredients fresh from the farmers market (or if I’m really lucky, my garden) and batch make soups in the summer.  That way, when the snow is flying and there is no fresh, local produce to be found, all I have to do is open my freezer and grab a jar of one of my fav, fresh soups :) #goals 

Your closet - If you have been hanging around here at all, you know that, for me, wellness starts with my closet.  Might sound a little silly, right?  But think about it, your closet is likely one of the first places you go in the morning.  And what we choose to clothe ourselves with, really does set the tone for the day.  If you’re ready to tackle your crazy closet and start all of your days feeling like you've got it together, check out my free guide on how to make a capsule wardrobe actually work for you HERE!  In 2019, I am really excited to continue curating my closet with ethical pieces that I will wear to death :)

Your bathroom - I am definitely taking baby steps to clean up my self-care and beauty products.  But if I’m honest with myself, my bathroom is a place that I’m loading my body with toxins every day.  From lotion to tampons to foundation, it’s not difficult to start finding areas that chemicals are leaking into my everyday routines.  For me, it just wasn’t realistic to try to change everything at once.  So this is where I started: I switched to Lola tampons, Acure shampoo and conditioner, Method body soap, and Beauty Counter foundation.  Some brands I am excited to try in the new year are Thinx period-proof panties, Primally Pure deodorant, and maybe even experiment with making my own products!  If you have goals to clean up what you are putting on your body, I recommend starting with one product that you would really like to swap out for something cleaner and then making a list of other clean products that you would like to switch to in the future.  Remember, all you can do is start where you are!

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