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I can’t believe that our sweet boy is already three months.  To be honest, it’s been a ride. Everything happening in our world added to the challenges of being a new parent have worn on this mama.  I’ve had to focus on savoring the sweet moments and give myself so much grace when working through the hard things.

DJ and I spent our first weeks home with just the two of us after my mom and sister went back to Minnesota, and there’s been a lot of learning.  I’m learning what his sleep cues are, what makes him laugh, and what helps his upset belly.  I’m learning which techniques get him back to sleep so we can actually have a decent nap once in a while!

As DJ gets bigger he’s so excited about his world.  His smiles and giggles are the absolute best.  He loves snuggling with his blanket, talking with daddy, and chewing on his little hands. 

We were finally able introduce DJ to some very special people and places in our lives.  He took his first boat ride, met his cousins, and took his first trip to Minnesota.

Along with all the exciting firsts we’re celebrating, I’ve also spent a lot of time thinking about the kind of world that we’ve just brought a baby into. 

And what I’ve realized is that it's a world that needs him.

DJ already brings so much joy and hope to our lives.  And that joy and hope is something the world so needs right now. 

One of the big missions of this brand is to leave a healthier world for our babies.  As a new mom, listening and learning from all the important conversations being had right now, I'm realizing that the most important thing I can do to make a better world for my baby is to raise him to be a kind, open-minded, and open-hearted human.

I believe that as parents, we will rise to the challenge of creating a better world for our children and, in turn, our children will create a world better than we could ever imagine. 

Want more lifestyle stories and inspiration from my simple life in the rural midwest? Join our tribe of work-from-home-mamas, dream builders, and homebodies :)



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